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40hz gamma entrainment for Alz/Dementia

Hello All,

Has anyone had experience using ICES for gamma wave entrainment, specifically to effect alz/dementia or parkinsons. From studies I have read using light and sound sensory stimulation this type entrainment may be very helpful. https://picower.mit.edu/innovations-inventions/genus. Also to my understanding NIR stimulation of the brain and default mode network via devices like vielight can also induce entrainment with positive effect. I was thinking about using a device such as M1 to reach areas of the brain to cause a similar effect of entrainment leading to reducing alz/dementia symptoms. My parent has dementia symptoms and I currently use photobiomodulaton (https://www.wellred.com.au/) devices to help, am experimenting with DIY sensory stimulation with light and sound but this mode is not very tolerable to them so had the thought of using ices. Any thoughts comments or experiences appreciated, thanks.

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Ah ha, i found this thread I had overlooked [Cortical rhythms Alzheimers /Autism/Dementia]

Hello csquire,

Is Wellred effective in treating your parent’s dementia symptoms? Thanks

40Hz light and sound therapy does not seem to be effective in humans: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30155285/

Hi, I feel it is helpful from my experience and has had good reviews from others (see the website, news articles and studies) We are still trying different things. I have the duo unit and have configured it to apply 24 mins of deep red light which I’m now trying 2x per day with my father. I also have a diy intranasal applicator ( the helmet includes a audio jack for this, but does not include an applicator yet). If you contact them they are very helpful and responsive to questions. Are you familar with this https://vielight.com/

Strange that the light flicker study with people yielded no benefit as the study shows. This company is in clinical trials for the tech, I did read an article in which it helped Alz patients. I myself have been able to measure increased 40 hz band gamma brainwaves with an EEG while wearing a diy flicker/sound device as this study shows https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6700637/. This tells me entertainment was occurring, guess we will have to see the trial results https://www.cognitotx.com/

Hello csquire,
I bought a 810 Infra (inducing Alpha brainwave) from Vielight in August, hoping to clear my brain fog and treat insomnia. Although it gives me occasional dizziness and does not help with my insomnia, my imagination seems to have improved a bit.
Could you provide some guidance on how to build a diy flicker/sound device? Thanks

Yes, but I should ask, do you have any basic electronics assembly skills or programming skills? The simple way is to use DIY arduino parts prob cost 25-$50 total, if not able I can make one up, I was planning on making a new version anyway, I have alot of parts and equipment to do so. If you want to volunteer to be a tester that would be fine by me.

BTW the vielight can be configured ie LED positions in different ways for different effects, there is a Dr. that can guide you on this, costs a bit but seems legit and experienced. They may do a qEEG for diagnosis etc. https://www.quietmindfdn.org/

also a couple other resources…https://www.facebook.com/groups/VielightKnowledge/

also from what i know dizziness may be a sign of overdose of light, with PBM there is a dose response you can do to little or to much, that is my understanding

There was one time I used ICES Omni 8 on my crown right after a Vielight 810 session, I felt more dizzy than usual

Yes, I have over used a LED red and ir lamp on my head and i’m sure i felt i started to be more forgetful.

Thanks for the informative links.
I don’t have any of those skills, and yes I am very happy to be a tester for your device.
Which brand of EEG do you use? (Sorry for having so many questions for you)

Hi Dodo,

This might be helpful to get you started, It is easy enough to add sound also. here are some links.


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I have and Emotiv EPOC+ I got off ebay, I also had a MUSE and a OPENBCI ganglion.

The muse was simple to use but only covered the front of head area. The openbci is nice cause it is opensource the EPOC has good coverage but they charge subscription to use their software.

Sure I’d be happy to make one up and you can test

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I have to add that just lately, I have been using the Coronet heaset device with my father 2x day 24min session. morning with a red intranasal probe and evening with a infrared intranasal probe. He seems to be responding really well, I see how it continues. Red light only except for nasal. just FYI

It is heartening to learn this. I believe intranasal approach is more powerful in penetrating the brain.

Not sure if this is considered a pemf device as it seem to operate in the high freq range but wanted to share as it is considered a breakthrough device. https://neuroem.com/

I was using the vielight 840 nasal with pemf on my elderly mother who had dimentia and was not seeing improvement. Also tried RIFE since there is a theory of Alzheimers being due to a low level virus infection of EPSTEIN Barr. I was not successful. I had asked Dr’s to try a generic antivirual to see if that might have an effect but they were not very helpful in thinking outside the box. I would have liked to try some of the antivirals that they are using for Conrona virus. But she has since past.

I’m sorry you lost her.