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2 Pads better than 1 for full body effect?

I am going to purchase a pad and I wonder if others have experienced greater full body benefits when using 2 pads; one on the front of the body, and the other on the back. Likewise, perhaps 1 on each- anterior/posterior hamstring, knee, head etc.?

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Jill, have you already bought a “pad”? or two?

Your question leads me to believe that you might be asking about Far IR type of heating pads? Some of these type pads do have PEMF and most seem to be using the NASA developed technology marketing approach.

If you are trying to create a deep detox through sweating profusely condition, then these are great devices to use. There are also two product distinctions as I have noticed, one design is to use ceramic disks that are coated with gemstones such as Jade, Tourmaline, Amethyst etc which are stated to impart their frequency generation upon heating up.

The second type is the crushed gemstones that are used within the mat versus flat discs attached to the mat. Again the specific gemstone used is supposed to influence the experience with respect to specific frequencies and negative ions being emitted upon heating up.

This is my first post and not really wishing to state brand specific information, however there is also a third combination available to the market and that is embedding PEMF coils into these mats as an added therapy.

Bob has made his obvious stance on PEMF knockoffs using the NASA marketing pitch. I personally have experience with both the disc “gemstones” and the crushed gemstone type with programmable PEMF capability. However until an oscilloscope investigation of the leading edge of their square wave generated, there is no telling how close their square wave is in leading edge profile versus his signals. Obviously coil placement is being done for you, so we have to assume that coil placement is optimal and effective enough to create a full body PEMF absorption experience.

Leaving the efficacy issues of these PEMF configured devices out of the discussion, the FAR IR capabilities to detox and remove toxins is very much a given positive result when you get accustomed to using them. I have been sleeping on the disc version for over 6 months now and using a pair of them to create a sauna wrap with one mat on top and one underneath my body.

I them cover myself with blankets and begin drinking 16-32 ounces of electrolyte treated water. The properties of FAR IR are deeper penetration and low to no harmful EMF when properly designed. The fact that these energy waves are initiated while in direct contact with your body results in deeper tissue penetration than sitting inside of a FAR IR sauna enclosure.

In fact more than one of these mat vendors also sell an insulated bag to use with a pair of their mats to contain the heat and elicit a sweat response.

I am so impressed with this effect and the fact that it has released a lot of Cadmium and Lead from my tissues over the past 6 months is amazing. I lost all edema swelling in my lower legs to the point that my lower legs now have so much definition that I can see blood vessels and their raised hump in my skin rather than a 1 inch layer of retained fluids.

I also have recently been using my top of the line crushed gemstone mat with PEMF, that is actually designed to be used while sleeping on. The crushed mat is more comfortable to me and a bit more granular as to how the FAR IR temp settings are concerned.

In summary, you can better afford to buy 2 full body ceramic disc FAR IR mats for use as you described for the price of one high end crushed gemstone model. If you are not intending to sleep on them, if your primary objective is to use as top and bottom covering for short hot detox sessions, then the ceramics are fine. If you wish to use for both hot detox sessions and sleeping then maybe a crushed stone mat on bottom and ceramic disc style on top of you, then use the crushed to sleep on.

I am about to buy some of Bob’s ICES devices and count on these to deliver therapeutic PEMF energy and still use the PEMF feature on the mat with it’s built in coils.

One word of PRECAUTION! Be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Even at barely discernible temperature levels the FAR IR energy can drain you of fluids. These FAR IR devices can also elicit a SEVERE detox reaction if your kidneys and liver cannot keep up with cleaning your blood as a result of toxins you are putting back into your blood. I use a couple of therapy grade electrolyte products and one of the powders also has ATP included to help with energy retention.

Especially important is to keep water near your bed to take during the night.

I hope this helps you or others to use these devices to reduce toxin loads and resulting inflammation levels. But also BEWARE of the DANGER and negative side effects of re releasing toxic heavy metals back into your bloodstream without preparing for such a situation. Depending on what toxins you are re releasing into your body and the rate of that release versus your bodies ability to excrete or sweat them out fast enough, will determine how severe a detox reaction you have.

My personal experience is that I had no idea until late January, that I have very high levels of Cadmium and Lead and suffered a severe set back during my extreme detox therapy last December/January timeframe. And this was very much exacerbated due to me having an infected root canal that peaked in pain and swelling in early December.

Just be careful as these are not your grandma’s old fashioned heating pads.


Thank you very much for this in-depth viewpoint.
I will certainly take all of this into consideration. I currently have one of the pads you are discussing with the high price point, crushed stones.
I think I recall Bob saying that you cannot use PEMF while using these mats. I do know that there is a knock-off version that incorporates both PEMF and far-infrared biomat technology with low EMF output. I have not known anyone who has one however.

I find use of both these therapies life saving in regards to chronic inflammation due to 40 years with chronic Lyme disease.

OMG! 40 years = WOW

I would very much like to share with you a resource that my wife and are are using. But I would rather do so outside of this forum as it is a supplement line of products developed by a couple of Doctors who are either suffering from chronic Lyme or are married to a woman who nearly died twice from complications. So personal involvement with the debilitating symptoms of this disease motivated them to get to the root source of these whole body problems.

I personally was bitten by dozens of ticks in the early 1990’s and suffered a complete shutdown of ALL activity for a long time. But the CDC in those days assured me there was no Lyme disease in Georgia which was where I lived at that time = lies!

I do not know if there is a personal messenger function nor if I can access it yet, my first day here. So perhaps if you would care to send me an email I would be glad to share my resources with you.

And no I am not phishing as I am a married retired aged gentleman who is just trying to share free information to those who might benefit

F H L e g h o r n AT out look. dot c o m

But compress the letters as there is no space between them, I inserted spaces to try and confuse any bots that might be trying to get my address

Michael W.

Bob has confirmed that it’s ok to share specific brand links and names when talking about therapies and products used and not for blatant spam advertising in the forum. that’s one of the many things i appreciate in this forum… the free flow of information and genuine questioning of products, treatments, and therapies used.

please feel free to share your links and brands associated with what you’ve been sharing if you would like to help others in forum who are looking for options and help in their healing!

also… maybe i misunderstand… are you saying the gem stones in the pad are used for heat and light or are you suggesting they help conduct magnetic pulse for a pemf device?

I’m a lil confused with how these gem stones are used in the mat.


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The gemstones are marketed as to having an effect on the FAR IR heat waves being generated. When the gemstones are heated they resonate at a specific frequency, perhaps the hotter the more energy that the gemstones produce?

HealthyLine makes some very high end FAR IR heating pads.
UTK makes some very affordable ceramic disc coated FAR IR pads.
BioMat is a MLM type of high end FAR IR mat.

I have a Platinum level mat from Healthy Line and a couple of mats from UTK. My use has been continual since November of last year as I now sleep on one every night.

The model that I have has programmable PEMF capability and has 6 coils in the mat whereas they also make one with 8 coils in it. I have no access to an oscilloscope to look at the shape of their waveform, but even if it is NASA derived PEMF technology waveforms or just regular sine waves, maybe the PEMF is not as therapeutic as what Bob has researched and produced?

But the benefits of FAR Infra Red light wavelengths has been very well documented in science as beneficial to human tissue in reducing inflammation in the soft tissues. How much the various gemstones are contributing in addition to the FAR IR, I do not know.

So my goal is to get the C5 and drive 4 sets of coils then be able to have his PEMF and still use the FAR IR mats for rapid detox. The real bottom line as far as removing inflammation from our bodies becomes this, if your kidneys and liver and gallbladder cannot filter and treat the released inflammation toxins from your body, then it does not matter how you actually get the cellular waste out of affected tissue and into the bloodstream and expelled rom your body before it has time to negatively affect other tissue while floating around in your bloodstream waiting to get eliminated from your body = poo, pee or sweat.

And I fully believe that there is a place for FRA IR saunas as I have one of these too, but I can get deeper body penetration from the mats because FAR IR energy only travels so far through body tissue, So if the source is in immediate contact with your body that becomes the more efficient exposure to this type of radiation.

My full belief on the gemstones/frequency benefits, it is possible.
My full belief on the embedded PEMF effectiveness, it is possible that there is a benefit as even Bob has admitted.
My full belief in the greatly positive results of using FAR IR for my intended purpose, this is my strongest endorsement.

I also cycle therapeutic grade electrolytes through my tissue by using a top and bottom pad turned up to around 145 degrees so as to induce a flush and reintroduce these new electrolytes through out my body during these morning sessions.

I have read that if you can create an induced fever into the body so as to raise your temperature up to 102 degrees for a 2 minute duration that this will naturally kill off a lot of pathogens? Perhaps this is also true as in when we get a fever our body is in repair? maybe so?

My personal proof that these FAR IR mats work is this, if you do nit hydrate when using these mats for longer durations, will absolutely dehydrate you. So there is absolute proof for you, the rest is up to you to determine if these FAR IR devices are in your budget and fit into the health improvements that you are trying to achieve.

I now personally prefer the crushed gemstone mat, but have over 90% of my long number of hours spent actually using the UTK mats. I am now addicted to FAR IR heat as my wife is a very hot nature person and I am a VERY cold nature person.
I hope this helps to clarify my opinions and utilization of these products.

These are not your old fashioned heating pads, these work and produce results far deeper into your tissue that prior types of “heating pads”, without harmful EMF exposure.

Working on having another good day, tomorrow!

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I should edit prior to posting!

20 minute exposure on induced temperature versus 2 minute written

and yes there are some rather long run together sentences too = oops

I will try to do better! smiles

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ah ok thanks for sharing.

infrared definitely has a lot of studies behind it to support trying it out for one’s health. and thanks to all the promising results from studies, companies have been coming out of the woodwork in commercials and products.

as for the shape of waveform form from NASA and other companies, I’m pretty sure @Bob is the only one who’s tweaked it to the trapezoid(?) shape and optimized the wave in the pemf market that I’ve seen or read about of other pemf devices marketed.

i have worked with red light therapy but not as a pad… that would be a nice add on… will have to look again for my aunt who is dealing with a lot of inflammation and edema. :confused:

hmm…i wonder if there are biological processes that are triggered at 102 than the actual temperature killing pathogens… just common bacteria (staph, ecoli, salmonella) alone needs near boiling point to be killed

–> The World Health Organization (WHO)Trusted Source notes that bacteria are rapidly killed at temperatures above 149°F (65°C). This temperature is below that of boiling water or even a simmer."

source: https://www.healthline.com/health/what-temperature-kills-bacteria#bacteria-in-water

also… wonder what Bob has to say about the use of gems stones etc…i have heard similar about their “natural frequencies” and hope he could validate or measure that for veracity of such claims

I do not know enough to say anything useful about gem stones, sorry.

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I have tried everything including everything mentioned here in this thread. For me the only thing that makes my intestines, gut and everything else around those move is pemf. Specifically laying on the Mat powered by the c5 for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Once Bob makes a full pemf mat I will be the first to buy it no matter the cost.


still working on it… making progress. One thing is for sure: when I am finally satisfied with it, it will perform as advertised.


No hurries, the c5 and mat are working great for me.

I keep seeing mention of using the C5 with a mat. I’m in a long Covid support group and really want an affordable mat to suggest. Is the mat attachment no longer available? There is a lot of interest in this group! The only reason I bought a BEMER was because you didn’t have a mat on your site!

as noted in another post you had commented, you can find the “pad” here:

you can use 2 of these connected to any combination of ices devices (a9,m1,c5…) i would hypothesize that they do not have to be in sync in order to reap the benefits of using as a mat :+1:t4:

My strategy will be to use deep field coils directly over the lungs when I finally get infected. I could be wrong, but I think targeted focal ICES-PEMF is likely to be more effective than a “whole-body” approach.

Keep in mind: it is my technical opinion that there is really no such thing as a commercially-available PEMF system with a whole body effect. Plenty of PEMF marketers offer this, but it is just a lie. Their big pads really have small area effects. The ones I have measured are limited to just a few square inches, essentially equivalent to our 2x2 pads. So the up-side to this is that this would suggest that if you see good results using a supposed “whole body” PEMF system, actually you are seeing good results from the effect of PEMF on a much smaller area than is advertised. And of course the good news with this is that it gives support to the notion that focal PEMF treatments have global benefits to the organism being treated.


I had a healthyline platinum mat with FIR, crushed mixed gemstones, and “PEMF.” Compared it to a healthyline mat with flat amethyst stones and no PEMF. I was very pleased with the experience of the mat, but I didn’t notice any difference with or without the PEMF. I’m not saying that the mat did not generate an effective field. Just that I personally wasn’t able to notice it. It may be that the maximum intensity of three gauss was not adequate to cause observable changes in my well-being during the short period of my evaluation. Nobody at the company was available to answer my technical questions about the nature of the PEMF in the product. I got the sense that they did have staff with a deeper understanding of the subject than the customer representative that I was speaking with, but they were on able to make that staff available to me before by return window closed. So, I returned the platinum mat and held on to the cheaper FIR amethyst mat. I think it was a very worthwhile purchase. One of the things I noticed is how well I sleep if I lay on the FIR mat for 30 minutes or more before bed.

I thought I’d add my own experience with a recent upper respiratory infection to this thread. I don’t know if it was Covid. Seemed like a regular cold. I live alone and was easily able to isolate myself until I was no longer symptomatic. I didn’t have any test kits in the house, and because I wouldn’t have done anything differently had it been Covid, I thought the risk of me going into a pharmacy was unnecessary.

I’m 60 years old, and my upper respiratory infections almost always follow the same course. Begins with a sore throat. Followed up by head and sinus congestion. And then into the lungs, where it may linger for 2 to 3 weeks. Not 2 to 3 weeks of severe bronchitis. Usually a week with a bad cough with thick yellow phlegm and then another 2 weeks of diminishing cough and phlegm and not feeling 100%.

I borrowed a parmeds Home unit from a friend. Twice a day, I used the smaller 12 x 12 pad on my back in the lung area. I used one of their high power settings, which is claimed to generate a 200 gauss field. The infection never progressed into my lungs. I was actually quite shocked, because the only times in the past that I can remember an upper respiratory infection not progressing into my lungs is when it never progressed pass the tickle in the throat stage. Once I develop significant head congestion, it was always game over.

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@Bob are you still working on a full body PEMF mat?

Briefly: yes

More detail: when you make a mat with biophysically effective PEMF waveforms, and make it larger in size, the beneficial effects diminish. My theory on this is that PEMF is most effective when applied with a sharp spatial gradient, not over a large area. There are several therapeutic parallels to this. Some common and simple examples:

-Acupuncture needles are most effective when very fine and sharp. If you make them larger, they do not work as well.

-Pressure point massage can be very effective, but if you get a whole body pressure equal to the point pressure the effect disappears. The common example is hydrostatic pressure on the entire body surface at depth (under water) does not have the same effect at all as identical pressure when applied to a point instead of a large area.

So, I think it is probably very likely that I have done more real research on the biological effects of PEMF when applied over a large area than, well, probably all of the PEMF companies that make these types of systems, combined, since they never really research anything, they just grind out marketing pulp.

I am converging on the conclusion that a biologically effective PEMF waveform, applied to the entire body, is essentially ineffective.

Interestingly, this finding suggests that the only reason that many of the “whole body” PEMF systems on the market actually have some biological benefit is because they are not “whole body” at all, but actually apply a meaningful field to a limited area, which allows them to have the necessary spatial field gradient to still elicit biophysical effects.

I could be wrong, but that is what my testing suggests.

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