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YouTube: Dental Pain and root canals

I just viewed the YouTube video: Dental Pain and root canals and ICES - PEMF - Bob Dennis PhD and Stacey Ravid RN PhD - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkMmqx5AcRI]

I had some questions and @Bob asked me to post them here so that @sravid can answer and benefit the forum members … so here they are.

This is fascinating! I am a retired biological dentist and would love to know more details about this case. If PEMF healed a tooth that was formally diagnosed as irreversibly inflamed and needing either a root canal or extraction, I would be very excited. I’ve never seen anything reverse a case of “irreversible” pulpitis.

Was the tooth actually diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis? Is the tooth still pain-free? Did it eventually require treatment? Inquiring minds want to know:)

Thank you!

Thanks. I have relayed this post to Stacey also by email, and I think having the answer posted here will be very helpful.

Good morning,
I had a lower left molar tooth that “bothered” me off & on for 8 years! I frequently returned to the dentist complaining about pain, discomfort, & sensitivity to hot & cold. However, after examinations & X-rays, the dentist could not detect anything visibly wrong with the tooth.
Then, in 2019, after eating an entire bag of caramelized popcorn, the tooth boycotted & erupted like a volcano! It was a 10 out of 10 pain! After a round of antibiotics for an infected & inflamed tooth, I had an emergency appointment with the dentist. I was informed that the tooth needed to be extracted.
I went home & immediately applied the Micro-Pulse coils to my jaw where the tooth was erupting! I used the Micro-Pulse for two hours on & 4 hours off— for 4 days. I made sure to keep batteries for the Micro-Pulse charged. The Micro-Pulse decreased the inflammation & pain. This contrarian tooth ceased erupting!
On the 5 th day, I was able to eat again using that tooth. By the 7 th day of Micro-Pulse PEMF application, I was pain free. The tooth was normal (it is amazing to use that word to describe this molar tooth!)
The dentist was surprised & said it would eventually need to be extracted.
The molar smiles back at me everyday!
I just ate pistachio nuts with my volcano molar.
BTW- I had to tape the coils to my jaw for proper placement & effectiveness.
If you have any other questions, ask away!
Thank you
Dr. Stacey Ravid

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Thank you, Stacey! Such a great story. I’m so happy you are pain-free now. There are few things more debilitating than dental pain. Being a dentist, I kind of want to geek out on this. Is there any chance you have access to the x-rays that were taken at the time of your emergency appointment with the dentist? Also, have you had any recent x-rays taken (post-PEMF)? I would love to have some sort of verification of biological healing. If true, this would be very big news indeed!

Thanks again,

Let me see if I can acquire these for you.
I do not have a patient portal where I can access these items with this dentist.
I will call them next week to obtain copies.
Email me your contact info. I do not want to post personal information here.
Thank you
Dr. Stacey Ravid

I am eagerly awaiting your take on this, thanks!