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Whole body effect and long term effects?

Hi there, I have just received my M1 and am for the last three days experimenting with it. So far it has already helped some with my lower back pain but I’m still playing around with settings and power to see what works best for me.

I’m curious if PEMF when applied locally also has a wider “whole body” effect? What are peoples general experience with this? I know there is a device on the market called “vibe” that claims you can keep it in the pocket and it will resonate through our internal waters and hence have a full body effect. I think in this case that’s mainly marketing but I’m still curious if there is something more to it? Our body is not separate parts so it would make sense that effecting one area would also effect the whole.

My second question is does daily use have a cumulative effect in the long run? What I mean is that say I’m using it for my lower back and I feel some temporarily relief. Would using it daily start to slowly reduce the inflammation in that part of the body so that eventually my lower back issue would be less of a problem? Or does it work more like a painkiller and reduces the symptoms in the moment but only while you are using the device? What have people seen in the long term with this technology?

Any insights around this is much appreciated.

PEMF/ICES will not set a vertebra in place - if that is the cause of the pain.

For me, the reduction of poor or protective posture due to sharp, localized or chronic pain is helping healing and / or supporting other therapies. If Inflammation is reduced locally this will also have an systemic effect.

These are only two aspects where ICES/PEMF can help - but I think that is where most of the problems of most people are.


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Lots of discussion on systemic effects. Here is a search query for that phrase on this forum.


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Thanks will check it out

I’m happy to say that it is slowly making my lower back a bit better every day

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