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Where to read Alexandria facial reconstrution study?


Just wondering if anyone had a link to the Alexandria facial reconstrution study that I heard Bob mention in one of the podcasts he was on?

I tried searching on Google and this forum already.

Mainly interested in when they started treatment, what protocol, how long per day, and any other helpful sights from their work.

This info may be also helpful for others to adjust their own treatments.

Thanks in advance!

This study was never finished due to the Arab Spring; a dictator was deposed and I was actually detained by police when I was in Alexandria. Many educated people fled the country and never returned. So we were never able to finish it.

The partial results are exactly as I described in various interviews and podcasts:
In both completed clinical subjects, pain was almost entirely or entirely reduced, and healing rate was 2x to 3x times faster than clinical expectations based on independent assessment of post-surgical milestones of recovery (6 week healing milestones were achieved in 2 to 3 weeks). Quality of the bone healing after distraction osteogenesis was judged to be excellent in both cases by independent clinical assessment.

All the remaining enrolled clinical subjects and staff basically fled, and did not complete the study.