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When should I expect to see results?

I recently purchased the M1 to experiment with. My main issue is poor sleep. The first night I used it, the device stilled my brain and calmed my body within a half hour. (I had to stop a few hours later due to restless legs syndrome.) However, the second night I got zero results. Am I a non-responder OR does the device take a few days to start working for some people. I understand, Bob, that sleep is not your specialty.

ALSO, if I use a setting higher than 2, I get incredibly uncomfortable pinching pain in my chest. At setting 5, I felt as if I were about to have a heart attack. Very strange.

AND the device does not click when I use it. I’ve tested it and the light flashes on the unit and the coils show that they are working. Might anyone have an explanation for this?

Thank you!

some coils click less than others, and on low intensity the clicks can be very soft and difficult to hear. But if the coil tester shows that it is working, then you can be confident that it is functioning properly.

And, yes, I know very little about the effects of PEMF on sleep, thanks. But I can say that Magnesium threonate completely cured my restless leg syndrome, if that helps at all.


What wave form did you use? I used the M1 to facilitate sleep that was not restful. The first night I used the delta wave form at level 9 under a pillow and slept for 14 hours so the second night I dialed down the intensity level to 7 and slept for 10 hours. On the third and fourth nights I dialed it down further to level 5 and slept for 8 hours. The fifth night I did not use it at all and slept great for 8 hours. I believe this is a good example of brain wave entrainment as I have slept deeply and restfully ever after (for about 6 months now). Of course, my main point is that the waveform really matters, especially when dealing with brain waves. Best of luck.


I haven’t tried my M1 for sleep much, but I did notice sleeping much deeper and longer when following @krissully suggestion to try tVNS. This might be in my head, but with the better sleep, I also feel greater tissue repair after workout days. I have also noticed more heart rate variability as she stated (I am using Garmin Vivosmart 4).

I have also learned for our family that wakeups in the middle of the night (say in the 3-4am window) have been a function of pathogenic bacteria and yeast in the gut. These wakeups have subsided after using strong herbals such as Researched Nutritionals BLT to kill the pathogenic bacteria. We had to start with a fractional drop of BLT because the Herxheimer reaction (die off) was bad otherwise. Then we slowly worked up the number of drops of BLT (no more than increasing by a drop per week).

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Sounds like it’s really helping you! I can’t use the Delta setting any higher than level 2. If I do I get very strange, physically uncomfortable symptoms. At level 2, I’ve had three good nights and two BAD nights. So, I’m wondering if that’s how it will work for me from now on. Will I always get inconsistent results? Or is there a chance I can still sleep more consistently? It’s very hard to find the answer to this question.

I don’t even need it for sleep anymore, my brain seems to be fully trained in how to produce delta waves now. In your case all I can think of is to be mindful of not just the dose and waveform but also the location and proximity. For my purposes I decided to go with the left and right occipital regions, and since I sleep on my back I accomplished this by securing the coils to the underside of my pillow—that distance is probably why I needed to use a bit higher intensity. The other benefit was with the coils under my pillow the ticking sound was not bothersome. If I were a side sleeper then I guess I would have secured them with a headband and used a way lower intensity.

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interesting… you still get benefit placing under your pillow? i thought it’d have to be directly under your head. how high do you set having it under your pillow?

The first night I set it at intensity level 9 but that resulted in sleeping too long and also I had a bit of brain fog so the second night I set it at level 7 and I still slept a bit too long. For nights three and four I used level 4 and then I did not need it any more which I interpret to mean that the device entrained my brain to produce delta waves on its own. In other words, I now sleep well without the M1 device.

haha… my apologies… i just saw now that if i had scrolled up a li’l before your last post, your detailed answer to my question was all there. #lackofsleep #mymistake :open_mouth:

thanks for your input!

I think this is an excellent example of the diversity of human responses to PEMF. Some people are very sensitive and responsive, some less so. And even for myself, within the same person, some injuries are very receptive and respond well to ICES-PEMF, while other injuries in different anatomical locations are much less responsive.

Scientifically, there seems to be very few reliable patterns in these diverse responses. They just vary by individual and by injury. But it seems that a bit of intelligent trial-and-error gets you to a satisfactory answer after just a few different tries.

This is why I always emphasize the importance of individual trial and adjustment, to find what works best for each individual case.

This seems to be true for the unique differences in individual responses to intensity, coil placement, and pulse pattern. From my observations and feedback from many hundreds of people over the past decade, this much is absolutely clear. This is why I caution people against believing the marketer-myths of special secret precise frequencies, or massive Gauss dosages, or any other over-simplified one-size-fits-all products. None of that seems to be true IMO.