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What are your experiences with the mat — here are mine

I have been trying out the mat. I slept on it last night connected to the C5. It was a little annoying having the wires but I don’t let much interfere with my sleep.

So it is positioned around my upper and mid torso area. It’s pretty small and moves around a bit.

I have to observe this morning that I am hyper relaxed today. And not as hungry as normal, but i a good way. I just feel great.

My headache shadow has subsided completely as of now.

I think there is a generalized improvement in my healthful feeling. I’ll see if it continues.

What are your experiences with the matt?

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Interesting! Our 14.5 year old dog who has been sleeping on the C5 for the last two years just passed. I was thinking of use the C5, now that it is available, just as you noted so will let you know what I notice.


Do you feel it helped your dog? @ta

I do feel it helped - a lot. He cheated death twice and I credit the C5 as helping give us 2 more years with him than we otherwise would have had because of the impact of the mold and copper poisoning on his liver and gall bladder.


Sorry for your loss. But that’s really good to know.

I put the 2x2 pads directly under the mattress sheet, so that tends to keep them from moving around a lot. I keep 2 of them under my feet, one under where my left shoulder usually is, and one that I move around as necessary. It is very helpful for me.


how long can you use the coils that way before you notice the wire connection becoming loose?

And do you use three C5s?

well, I have 5 or 6 different C5s that I use, but never all at the same time (no, sorry, not for a “super-pad”). I use them for various aspects of technology and product development, usually just one or two at a time.

My wife sometimes reinforces the coils at the cable insertion, or I add medical-grade fabric tape, or I just use them “as is”. The reinforcing usually helps a bit, but when tucked under a mattress sheet they tend to last longer because the wire cables get subjected to less twisting and puling and bending. Mine usually seem to last three to four months but some just seem to last a lot longer.

@Bob i just got my new coils and the reinforced 2x2 that Mona helped restore and reinforce for me. I’ve been without coils for about 2 months as each set i had were wearing out and breaking down.

going forward, I’ve been thinking about how to protect my coils while maintaining the flexibility of using them stacked or individually and i am now experimenting with encasing a segment of the coils and the coils themselves in a stiff case. originally, i had planned to sandwich each coil (or stacked) between two 2x3" 0.5"thick acrylic tiles to minimize the wear and tear on the coils and wire at insertion point, but that didn’t address the tug and stress of the wire and coil from daily sleeping on them. i needed to encase them in a thin box or case… essentially, i needed to create a mini mat.

so i had an old handheld gaming carrying case firm, soft shell that i can fit a 2x2 or pair of coils in and stick them to the inside shell of the case. i basically added 1/8” of composite material between the coils and my body (the shell of the gaming case). this should minimize the tugging stress my body puts on the coils as i sleep on them each night.

question: If you were to design a pemf mat for your customers to use, would you also boost the power of your pemf to compensate for the added layer of padding from your mat?

for what I’m describing above of adding this extra layer between the coils and my body … does that 1/8 or even 1/4"layer of material require a power increase to have the same effectiveness as using the coils directly on my body? or would you say that added layer wouldn’t make that much of a difference to work about needing to go from M to H for effectiveness? sorry if my question is a bit clumsy. as a stacked coil set, I’m not changing the power level, assuming penetration should be sufficient. i have no clue, and wondered what you would do.

thanks again for restoring my a9s!

Interesting question. The way I build or modify coil pads or arrays for myself is to use EVA foam sheets and put the coils inside an EVA foam sheet “sandwich”.

You an get EVA foam in different thicknesses from amazon. 2mm and 6mm, for example:

The EVA foam is easy to cut. If you can find sheets with adhesive on one side (a craft store? amazon may not carry it anymore), I think that even works better.

I just simply arrange the coils the way I want them onto one sheet, tape or glue them in place, then add an EVA sheet on top. I leave a triangular piece of EVA foam sticking out where I want the coil wire. The EVA triangular stress relief is about 1" wide and 1.5" tall. I use tape or a flexible glue or the EVA adhesive to hold the coil wire in place, trim to final size with scissors or a razor, then wrap the whole thing up with fabric medical tape. I add extra tape to secure the cable wire into the triangular strain relief.

The resulting coil arrays are comfortable and durable. I occasionally need to add/repair the fabric tape, but they tend to last about a year for me.


Sometimes I made a foam cover with a cable wire strain relief as I describe here:

when I make this modification, the coil arrays last much longer, a year or more if I occasionally maintain the fabric tape covering.

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I’m not seeing the mat on here. Where can I find/buy it? I want to be able to recommend a less expensive version than the BEMER.

it’s not quite the mat that you might be expecting, but there’s definitely more pemf per sq in of this pad than anything out in the market, no doubt!

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