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Vielight's intranasal PBM applicators ; worth it?

Hi all,

I’m on the fence as regards this : https://www.vielight.com/devices/mip-470-633-655-810/

I’m questioning whether there’d be additional or improved benefits, relative to my large PBM panel (i.e. MitoPro 1500).

It’s very hard to find anyone who’s used this device consistently. I mean, this one or the prior design.

They developed the intranasal applicators first and them went on to add the helmet/headset. I asked them the above. I asked thinking that, since all they had at first were the intranasal applicators, then this alone might be interesting enough.

Many thanks

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I think Vielight has done a fine job of funding research in the area of photobiomodulation. They are an exception to the rule among the many companies that have gotten on to the “resell red light” devices bandwagon. Joov, PlatinumLED and MitoRedLight (who own the MitoPro mark) are example organizations selling full panels.

While the Vielight intranasal device you shared has multiple intranasal attachments to allow for trying out different frequencies, there have also been very simple red nasal devices on Amazon, Alibaba, and other sites for many years.

For example, I own a single frequence red light intranasal device such as https://www.amazon.com/Naviocean-Infrared-Therapy-Device-Machine/dp/B0BZ85S2M5/

It is quite effective at clearing the sinuses and I perceive it to upregulate mitochondrial function within a couple hours. I find it complements my infrared light panel well.

That being said, I find ICES PEMF on the sinuses to be even more effective at draining the sinuses.

As shared on the forum previously by many, the combination of ICES PEMF & PBM/Red/Infrared Light seems to work really well for many conditions. But, if I had to pick one, based on my experience, the technology that leads to durable systemic changes is ICES PEMF over red /infrared light/ PBM.


Thank you for your response - I’ve also been of the same opinion regarding ICES/PEMF vs PBM.