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Using the A9 without the ring electrodes

Hi Bob. I’ve started using the A9 for my herniated lumbar disc. I have a question and I hope I can get an answer;
Can I use the A9 without the ring electrodes ?? Why ? Because it seems like even the lowest intensity is too much for me !! I think I’m very sensitive to EMF and I think I have all ways been so. My foot nerve is feeling the emf and gets excited wich aggravates my foot symptoms, unfortunately…So I thought if the A9 has an antenna inside, maybe I can use it without the rings… Please advise me regarding this issue…
Many thanks…

while I’m not @Bob, i did want to add a small suggestion to help “tune down” the signal from your coils… try adding media between the coil and treatment area… experiment with different materials (try cardboard or different thickness of paper stock you can get at office supply store).

googling material types or waiting for Bob :upside_down_face: can give you some ideas of what you can try… but just working with what you have now is convenient and more immediate, relevant feedback


@OptimalHealth has good Ideas, and also you can just add a pillow or some other comfortable foam-like spacer. Add a half inch or an inch, test, add more, repeat until it feels right.


Thank you very much for your advice.
I appreciate it so much and I will try it…
Thanks again🙏

Well, thank you very much Bob.
I will try that two…