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Unintended consequence

A year ago today I had a hysterectomy. I used the M1 on Omni 8 level 6, coils placed side-by-side on my abdominal incision 24/7 for pain relief. Unfortunately the pain didn’t subside for 6 weeks. On a positive note, I was having an issue with stress incontinence which dramatically improved. The improvement was not permanent but with repeated application, when symptoms returned, I was able to get the same results in a shorter amount of time (about a week).


That is an excellent observation, thanks. As an anecdote, I can tell you that about a dozen other people have made the same observation: when applied to the pelvic cavity, ICES-PEMF can reduce or eliminate incontinence. Based on self-reporting (which does tend to be biased toward the positive, so please keep this in mind), about 50% to 60% of people report that they have improvements.


Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks, I will try this…