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Treating lower urinary tract issues

Which is the best device for treating issues involved in overactive bladder & interstitial cystitis, are the deep tissue coils required or are the coils used with the M1 effective?

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Hi. I’m not sure how to best answer your question. My experience has been that using my M1 has helped with lots of issues dealing with my bladder. I used to use the double coil but now I use the pad. I really don’t know what’s happening down there, but when it’s uncomfortable, I use the M1 and the issues resolve.

I place the coils over the area that hurts. That’s how I found out the M1 improves my digestion. When the main issue (usually pain) stops hurting, I move the coils around to nearby areas.

I hope it’s ok to mention but I also read the book The Iodine Crisis, this week, but I’ve been using high dose iodine for about two months and I see additional of improvements on top of what the M1 does with whatever is going on.

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Thanks for the response! What setting do you use it on?

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I use the Omni 8 setting at power level 9. I don’t experiment to much anymore. I’ve used A9 setting but I don’t feel like it worked as well for me. This stuff is very personal though, as it may work great for you.

I’ve had days where my whole abdomen will relax if I put it on my back. It’s an amazing feeling. I do think, though, if you don’t have a device yet and you don’t need ultra portable, that a C5 is probably the way to go. I do wish I had more coil outputs. There M1 has only a single output. I think that’s what others say about the C5 also.

i haven’t been using for gut issues, but I’ve also been very happy with the iodine protocol similar to what you’re doing. I’m doing about 50mg too, but had to scale back after getting too uncomfortable with detox symptoms… throat hurting. a9 helped but only if i had it there…i don’t have convenience of placing on neck during day with people wondering what I’m doing, so i just used at night.

I’m doing better now, but didn’t want to jump back to 50mg… it took about 2 mos before i started feeling detox effects…

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From what people have told me over the last few years, for urinary/prostate related issues, most people seem to get the best results with an M1 because they can use settings such as 4 pps (fixed) or delta wave, or other low-frequency patterns that seem to work pretty well for most people for those applications

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I will have to look into the Iodine Crisis book, I’m not familiar with it. The M1 on Omni 8 is great on the back, I agree, sacral region :+1:

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Bob, do you recall if any of those who used the M-1 for urinary/prostate related issues, had successes lowering PSA scores or reducing BPH symptoms. I seem to recall the C-5 also has delta but I don’t remember it having any fixed pulse settings like 4pps… Thanks! / Robert

The C5 actually does have fixed-frequency settings:
1 Hz, 2 Hz, 3 Hz, 4 Hz, 5 Hz, and 10 Hz

I have not seen the actual data for all of them, but several people have told me that a setting of 4 Hz definitely lowers their PSA when used daily for a few weeks.

Bob, My apologies as I was just about to email you that I fired up the C-5 and to my delight noticed the 4Hz setting. That’s very encouraging about the lower PSA numbers. Starting that now! :blush: Moving up the body… I’m mid-way watching your video with Stacey Ravid in which you describe your own success treating a major tooth problem, and in the accompanying text, you referenced that she used the “default settings” for her problem. For a tooth that has a root canal treatment as the recommendation, would the A-9 default setting or the C-5 with a different setting be preferred? Thank you! Robert

For either the A9 or C5, I would start with the Omni-8 setting (essentially the default for all of our devices)

The default works awesome. Especially the C5 with the mat. The m1 is great to but the c5 and glaring on the mat has a lot more affect on me. That is just for me. Every one is different

can the mat be used with the M1, or only the C5?

The mat can only be used with the C5 (or B5) because it requires 4 synchronized outputs