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Treating hypothyroidism/hypogonadism with ICES

Has anybody tried treating hypothyroidism or hypogonadism with the help of an ICES or another PEMF type device?

I would assume targeting the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and gonads would have positive effects on these conditions and help normalize function while being complementary to other treatments. Can anybody on this forum comment on their experience with treating these glands with PEMF therapies or any studies you are aware of?

Thanks for your help.

Does not seem to help. I have tried C-5. And high power, Pulse Centers equipment. No effect.

i have heard iodine protocol by dr. brownstein md works well for thyroid type issues you mention… check amazon … or here, his website: https://www.power2practice.com/article/busting-the-iodine-myths/

I have search the internet for “how to apply PEMF to the pituitary gland”, I found webpages of pemf machines or therapist clamming PEMF can activate the pituitary to work better, put I have found not a single article, paper, research about if it works or not, also not a single explanation on how to apply pemf to the pituitary gland.