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Treating hemorrhoids with pemf

Of the many maladies that accompany old age, hemorrhoids, although not life threatening, is among the more irritating. My case is probably typical. For the past several years episodes of bleeding and itching had become increasingly frequent. For some reason the itching became more pronounced at night, almost precluding a comfortable night’s sleep. I don’t know why it did not occur to me to try PEMF until recently, but it finally did about six weeks ago.
I started by sitting a couple hours a day on two stacked 2x2 coils driven by a B5 with the Omni 8 program. Within 3 weeks the bleeding and itching stopped, and I have sustained the results since by simply sitting on the coils while at my desk. No more Tucks, Preparation H, or suppositories. I can’t offer objective data supporting this claim, but the cost in inconvenience is so low and the results have been so effective that I want to pass on the information.


Thank you for this helpful information Steve!

Thanks for sharing, Steve. Isn’t it amazing that PEMF helps with any ailment.
I got rid of hemorrhoids with grapeseed extract, which is good for any blood vessel problem, like varicose veins or easy bruising.