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Thymus stimulation

Age related thymus gland atrophy is supposed to be related to lowered immunological competency (T cells etc). I use Vie light XPlus single diode on the sternum 20 minutes once daily to attempt to compensate for this issue with photobiomodulation. In fact Vie Light is involved in a COVID clinical trial using this device and this procedure. However, it seems PEMF stands a much better chance of affecting the thymus gland positively since it doesn’t depend on 810nm infrared light to penetrate the sternum bone and cartilage. I would like to use my micro pulse device for this. However, I have no idea which frequency to use. Might single frequency entrainment be better than a multi frequency program… or perhaps using one frequency sessions and changing frequencies each day. What might be the duration. So many questions. It would be so useful if I knew of anyone else interested in stimulating immunity through PEMF thymus gland activation. BTW I have primary low WBC / T cell counts so this topic is of particular interest as it probably is for any Lyme or HIV affected person. Or anyone wanting to optimize their immune system in these precarious times. Any suggestions or referrals to information would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Steve

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This is an interesting topic. My quick browse of the internet indicates that by age 65 the thymus has completely morphed into fatty tissue. As an octogenarian I have to ask if there is any evidence that remnants persist into old age that might be resuscitated? Also, how would one measure the efficacy of the thymus?

Bloodwork should tell absolute numbers on various immunological markers like CD4 etc. however activity of the cells is probably just as important as their numbers. I have this micro pulse device (C5) with many options for frequencies. But without guidelines or best use practices like what might be good to stimulate glandular function, the device is as good as garbage. I kind of regret spending my money on something which comes without usage guidelines.

Hello, I am interested in this topic as well. I just listened to a lecture with Dr Pawluk. In this lecture he noted that the gauss is important for the depth of penetration through the tissue of the body. I have the original A9 device with only one program which I believe is the Omni 8. If you stack the coils together and place it on the highest setting you get a strength of about 200 gauss which will penetrate about 2 inches into the body. I also learned about how the PEMF stimulates the uptake of adenosine, at the cellular which has numerous benefits in the body. In light of this information, I have started using the device, stacked as I described on various places on my body, like the sternum for stimulation of the thymus and also lower spine. I hold it in my hand also as I am using it to recover from a thumb injury as well. I would check out Dr Pawluk’s website as there is a lot of information there about PEMF and he recommends the ICES device as well.

I am very interested in Thymus FE-activation, currently have the VieLight Duo or Version 3 which supports either gamma or alpha as well as their stand alone 810 nasal applicator unit.

In addition We also own an Avant LZ30z pulsed laser device which is handheld and able to stimulate the thymus directly as their LED’s used are very powerful.

I also own an M1 with a quad coil and several of the dual coil different length accessories. I believe that the C5 with the deep penetration coil set up would be the best coil to target thymus gland stimulation with.

Has anyone else tried thymus stimulation with ICES?

There is also a thymus supplement that I have just started reading about.


I have just now ordered this product for me and my wife to begin use of.

Hey @Steve_Labo, if you spend much time at all browsing this forum or reading the documents that come with the C5, you will understand why it would be impossible to publish “usage guidelines” stating the frequency/ intensity/ coil location needed to stimulate glandular function. Stated simply, everyone responds differently. You purchased technology that is clearly marketed as experimental. This means you need to experiment with it, to find out how to make it best work for you. There simply aren’t enough high-quality, published studies examining the effects of various PEMF interventions on glandular function… let alone on thymic function. Any “guidelines” would amount to marketing fraud.

Sorry if this comes off as salty, but why on earth would you: 1) purchase a C5 device without first reading through the publicly available user manuals, 2) come here and complain about the device being “as good as garbage” because its freely available user manuals don’t include the specific information you are after?