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Thoughts on Lyme Disease

From Bob Dennis, owner of Micro-Pulse; I have a financial interest in the sale of PEMF devices, so please take that potential bias into account when considering my statements

A number of people have told me that they find PEMF to be particularly helpful for Lyme. Some people say that it does not help them much, others insist that it helped them when nothing else would. I am not sure exactly how most people use PEMF for Lyme, and whether it helps mostly with symptoms or with the disease itself. I think we need a lot of input from people to try to see larger patterns of use, outcomes, and observations.


What we are looking for is as much information as you can share about your condition, do you have a clear diagnosis?, how you used PEMF, and the results you observed. You can upload photos and documents as well as your text. The more detail you include, the better. You can come back later, edit your text to add more details, upload images, documents and test results, add helpful links, etc. Also, don’t forget to ask questions, because this will help people to share their observations and experiences that they may have forgotten to mention.

Share what worked and how you did it, but negative results are just as important as positive results!!! If you tried something that did not work well, this experience would help other people too. People respond very differently and have different levels of sensitivity, so something may work well for others, but not for you. What we need is a lot of different observations from many different people so that we can begin to see larger patterns and formulate general guidelines about what is likely to be helpful, what is likely to be wrong, which options should be explored, and which options can be avoided.


I just placed an order for your equipment and Brain Gauge for our use in Lyme Recovery and CFS/ME therapy for my wife an I respectively.

We are both under the care of our local Functional Neurologist as well as being involved in a medically supervised detox program.

The doctors supervising the detox will be involved with testing for confirmation of Lyme Disease and co-infections as well as EBV due to the potential for negative neurological impact of these chronic illnesses.

My experience indicates that your device will help us work to reduce inflammation loads throughout the body, however it is especially of interest to me if there are users who have success in tracking brain fog reduction through the use of Brain Gauge.

So essentially I am most interested in any protocols that have been shown to reduce chronic and fluctuating levels of neuro-inflammation.

Both my wife and I also have spinal injuries for over 40 years now and, well you know what that is like. BTW - gravity can be either your friend or foe, we both get good results from using inversion tables to hang upside down.

So we will potentially have a wealth of of anecdotal information to share, however the science based controls needed to document cause/effect of our results will be impossible to document as we are throwing the kitchen sink at our chronic illnesses.

It is my goal to brief you verbally on what we are trying accomplish and the direction we are headed in as we are trying to release a heavy load of toxins while maintaining or actually reducing our inflammation levels. This is made much more difficult due to the fact of our advanced age and that our detox pathways are compromised.

It is also my hope that improvements in sleep patterns will assist the glymphatic system to flush neuro toxins out of our brains more efficiently and be able to track those improvements with Brain Gauge.

Bob and Mark = Thank you for all of your efforts! Let us eagerly see if your energy source is tremendously helpful to us as we are just trying to age with less inflammation. Everything in life goes better with less of that substance tearing down your body when biological controls are compromised.

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This is excellent, thanks.
To answer your question about protocols for brain inflammation:
The reduction of inflammation is due primarily to the frequency content embedded within each waveform pulse (or shape). This is calibrated and carefully controlled in ICES-PEMF, so you will get reduced inflammation with all pulse protocols because all ICES-PEMF pulse protocols use the same pulse waveform shape, which is optimized to reduce inflammation (verified by independent GLP-certified laboratory testing).

When stimulating the brain (and probably the entire nervous system including spinal cord and peripheral nerves), the pulse pattern becomes additionally important primarily due to neuronal firing pattern entrainment.

Thus, ICES-PEMF affords you two different but simultaneously available benefits:
1- Reduced inflammation (due to waveform shape)
2- Neuronal entrainment (controlled by pulse pattern)

So, my general approach when stimulating the brain/spinal cord area is to use a pulse pattern that will give me a desirable neuronal pattern (such as alpha wave, for calm alertness). The waveform shapes will also automatically result in reduced inflammation. You get both benefits.

If applying ICES-PEMF right before sleep, you might choose a different, more soporific pattern, such as delta or theta wave.


I have Lyme disease, and been using the Ices M1 for at least 6 months now. I use it, generally, all night. I plug it into the wall. I have an active lifestyle and get injured regularly. I think it really helps healing. I’m recovering from a bad viral attack, I don’t know if it was EBV or covid, but my sinuses, throat, and chest were very inflamed. I’m not yet 100 percent, but feeling much better. In addition to using this device, I’ve been doing the keto diet, red light therapy, rife, herbal treatment, high dose colloidal silver, cleansing modalities, and ozone. I feel that this device is a good addition to my Lyme treatment protocol. I strongly feel it helps, and I love how portable it is.

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