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Thoughts on Injury Recovery

From Bob Dennis, owner of Micro-Pulse; I have a financial interest in the sale of PEMF devices, so please take that potential bias into account when considering my statements

I have used PEMF for injury/wound recovery both personally and for friends & family, many people have reported their observations on wound recovery, and wound/injury recovery was a factor that we observed in several scientific studies.

In general, we found that wounds heal with a noticeably better quality and about 2x to 3x faster when PEMF is applied. In many cases, non-healing lesions and diabetic ulcers showed marked improvement, some recovering completely. I have colleagues in various locations that find similar results. For example, in a study in Egypt the post-surgical healing rate was assessed by independent surgeons and found to be progressing at twice the normal rate of post-surgical healing, with marked reductions in post-surgical pain.

The method of use is simple: Place the ICES-PEMF coils over a clean dressing (not in direct contact with the wound). Start by trying the Omni8 pattern on a medium to high setting (M or H on the model A9, 9 to 11 on the models M1 or C5). Use daily and as long as possible during the day and night.

I would be very interested to know if PEMF can help abdominal fistula, which is a very serious and all too common problem, with few effective treatment options.

What we are looking for is as much information as you can share about your condition, how you used PEMF, and the results you observed. You can upload photos and documents as well as your text. The more detail you include, the better. You can come back later, edit your text to add more details, upload images, documents and test results, add helpful links, etc. Also, don’t forget to ask questions, because this will help people to share their observations and experiences that they may have forgotten to mention.

Share what worked and how you did it, but negative results are just as important as positive results!!! If you tried something that did not work well, this experience would help other people too. People respond very differently and have different levels of sensitivity, so something may work well for others, but not for you. What we need is a lot of different observations from many different people so that we can begin to see larger patterns and formulate general guidelines about what is likely to be helpful, what is likely to be wrong, which options should be explored, and which options can be avoided.

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Bob & others,
Regarding long term muscular pain, is it best to use pemf continuously for extended periods of time or in sperts throughout the day. I want to use it for maximal effectiveness but don’t want to “over do it”.

well, that depends. People respond differently, but crucially, people change over time. I know everyone wants simple answers, but I don’t think simple answers are best in this case. What matters is that you:
1-Try different strategies
2-Pay close attention to how you respond
3-Adjust your strategy accordingly.

For example, I had been having some pretty bad regional pain running along the inside of my left leg, from my groin to the back of my left knee. That was different from, and in addition to, my left hip pain, which I discuss elsewhere.

Normally I respond pretty well to long-term, more or less continuous, low-intensity, low frequency use of the M1. And for a while (several months), that really helped me. But the problem persisted and I had to work it down every day with long sessions of ICES-PEMF. Also, I felt like long, all-night sessions were a bit too much. Somehow it did not feel quite right to me.

I knew it should be working better, so I tried experimenting, and what I settled on was very unusual for me, but it was very effective. I used deep field coils and gave myself 10-20 minute sessions throughout the day, about 3 or 4 times per day, the first one first thing in the morning, the last one right before I went to sleep. I also started using a higher frequency pattern (Alpha wave) and higher intensity (12). I also shifted the deep field coils around a bit, up and down the inside of my left leg, every few minutes, to cover the entire area of pain each session.

Within a few sessions the results were excellent, so I kept with it for about a week, and I am happy to report that the regional pain running down my left leg has completely gone away. I mean really, 100% gone. I still do the sessions about twice per day just to keep things in very good condition and to allow a full recovery. I’ll probably keep this up for at least another month or two. Compared to the regional pain, a couple of quick sessions each day is not inconvenient.

This is just an example, and the most important points are:
–People respond differently
–People change over time
–You get the best results when you experiment, pay attention, and are persistent.


I am going to be lending mine to a friend’s husband, who is having foot surgery today for an infection. He is Diabetic. He is supposed to be out of work for a month, which is devastating to the family. His wife lost her career job and that was the job with insurance, so they are in trouble. I am so grateful that I can say that it might help double the speed of post-surgical healing and help with pain. It is always hard to know how to help when families are in dire straits and this is something useful.

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Interestingly, I tripped and fell down a flight of marble stairs last week and I didn’t bruise at all. That really surprised me and might be because I’ve been using the device. I had just finished watching a play in NYC and tripped at the top of the stairs on my way to the exit.


That is very interesting. I have never mentioned this to anyone, but now that you bring it up, I have had similar experiences. I work in some hazardous environments (my metal shop, among others), and I frequently get bangs and bumps, which can be serious in industrial settings. But I definitely bruise much less, or not at all, when I have been using PEMF. I think the anti-swelling effects are persistent for a few hours at least, and are much more systemic than is generally appreciated.


THIS is part of the reason why I do spend time applying the coils to areas of high blood flow - to circulate healthy blood cells to other parts of the body than to just focus on a specific area - when i don’t need local attention. namely, liver and heart, but i have also applied to carotid arteries as well.

this is such good anecdotal news to read about! :slight_smile:


That is an excellent point: anti-inflammatory effects on blood cells, even in just one focal area, would be expected to be spread throughout the body systemically.

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As I read these posts, I’m reminded of my experiences with PEMF and it’s effect on getting rid of muscle pain from overworking. It’s amazing to me how I can go to bed with extremely sore muscles from doing yardwork and wear one of my PEMF devices to bed and wake up in the morning with NO residual soreness. To me, it’s nothing short of miraculous.


I am interested in the possibility of using PEMF for accelerating healing of chronic wounds. I have a family member who has been dealing with an open wound for 2 years now.

It started from a minor skin surgery that turned necrotic. He’s had several doctors on it, tried wound pumps, cadaver skin, light therapy and still the wound has not closed. It took doctors months just to get the wound to at least stop necrotizing.

The wound is now slowly closing in with healthy scar tissue around the edges but at an almost imperceptible rate. I think PEMF might be worth a try to speed things up. If he goes for it I will post updates.

makes me wonder what raw materials/nutrients the body may be lacking to heal this…

Good point. He’s also quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury, so I wonder if the nerve damage might also be a contributing factor.

It may be that this is a refractory lesion for the same underlying mechanisms that abdominal fistulas and diabetic ulcers are so difficult to manage. It is my opinion that these are so challenging because the wound margins have extensive pathological inflammation, which makes tissue recovery almost impossible, leading to chronic wounds.

I have been trying for many years to get a formal study started on this topic, but resistance from clinicians is fierce. They want proof before taking data, another Kafkaesque cycle that I have been fighting for more than a decade while people suffer needlessly.

While i have been unable to try the technology with abdominal fistula, I have had some success with a few anecdotal cases with diabetic ulcers. The individual clinical outcomes were that non-healing diabetic foot ulcers were able to begin healing when ICES-PEMF was used.

So, in my opinion I think ICES-PEMF might be very helpful for your specific application, though I have no direct specific evidence to support this opinion.


Interesting. Thanks for the feedback Bob. I’m sure he’d be interested in a wound study if you ever manage to get one going.

He’s looked into studies dealing directly with healing or improving the affects of spinal cord injuries in the past but they have proven difficult to qualify for as they all have very specific criteria.

What unit and coils do you think might be a good choice? I was suggesting the M1 to him because it has lots of modes he could experiment with directly over the site of his spinal cord injury. Also the brainwave modes I thought might possibly help him with sleep, relaxation and general comfort level.

it has been my direct and wonderful experience that the a9 works for many things needing healing or lowering of inflammation symptoms.

just my 2 cents, but i think they (most) would benefit just from using the a9 alone

Thank you. I was looking at the A9 as well because of the different types of coils that come with it.

Well, if he is willing to self-experiment, we could start immediately with an “n = 1” experiment: just him, one person. This is pretty simple to do:

1- Start with the initial prognosis. What has he tried, what was the outcome, what have his physicians told him is left for him to try, anything? What percentage chance do they give him of a recovery. Getting full records at this point is critical, because when PEMF starts to work, people naturally begin to forget just how desperate and hopeless they had become before trying PEMF.

It is very helpful to collect any quantitative data that is available at the outset such as blood tests, photographs and measurements of wounds, anything that gives a quantifiable record of the starting point before using PEMF.

Then, once he has gotten his initial prognosis and his records, and especially if doctors are willing to put statements into writing stating how dire the outlook is, then you begin using PEMF.

Then the fun begins (it is usually fun, especially if PEMF starts to work, which it often does). Have him keep a daily journal: what he did, how he used the PEMF system: where, how long, what settings, as many details as possible.

Record any personal observations, such as reduction of pain, restoration of feeling or function, reduced wound seepage or noticeable healing.

Then, keep detailed records of any doctor visits and comments and lab test results during this process.

Since he has several major issues, he might start working on one area, and if it really helps, he may want more ICES-PEMF systems to cover more different locations at the same time. If it is not working in an area (give it 2-3 weeks), then move on to the next area to try and record the observations, details of use, outcomes, etc.

Then, at some point in a few moths he will have a lot of information, we can collect it, maybe write a paper, and report the results here to help other people.

This approach does not change the world on one swoop, but it has helped many people, one-by-one, and if the record keeping is good, we gain a lot of information from each person who does this.


I would start with the A9 and the standard kit with regular coils.

That will tell you pretty quickly if it is going to help or not.

Thanks for the great response Bob. I can certainly help him upload files and notes but it will be up to him to get started and gather all the records and info. I sent him a link to check out the devices and filled him in on our conversation here. He seems interested enough to give it a go! He said he will reach out to you soon, perhaps tomorrow. I hope this all works out and helps him heal.