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Thoughts on Eye Conditions

From Bob Dennis, owner of Micro-Pulse; I have a financial interest in the sale of PEMF devices, so please take that potential bias into account when considering my statements

This is a very interesting category. First, I profess very limited knowledge about it based on my scientific training or research. But I have heard many credible and remarkable stories about the excellent effects of PEMF on conditions of the eye. Many PEMF users have told me about their remarkable recovery from very serious and usually otherwise untreatable conditions. One PEMF expert that I know, who is also a medical doctor, has confided in me that he believes that PEMF can be of significant benefit to nearly all conditions of the eye.

Many of the conditions people have suffered with, and their stories of success, are sometimes beyond belief. I feel like I should just remain quiet and allow people to describe this for the general benefit. I really encourage everyone with experience with PEMF and their use on the eye to share their experiences. When we start to see clear patterns, we should try to formulate a scientific study for this very important topic. This would be one way to end a lot of needless human suffering.


What we are looking for is as much information as you can share about your condition, how you used PEMF, and the results you observed. You can upload photos and documents as well as your text. The more detail you include, the better. You can come back later, edit your text to add more details, upload images, documents and test results, add helpful links, etc. Also, don’t forget to ask questions, because this will help people to share their observations and experiences that they may have forgotten to mention.

Share what worked and how you did it, but negative results are just as important as positive results!!! If you tried something that did not work well, this experience would help other people too. People respond very differently and have different levels of sensitivity, so something may work well for others, but not for you. What we need is a lot of different observations from many different people so that we can begin to see larger patterns and formulate general guidelines about what is likely to be helpful, what is likely to be wrong, which options should be explored, and which options can be avoided.

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