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Suggestions of Placement of Coils for Knee pain/Meniscus

I have a few questions. I bought the M1 model and my adult daughter has been using it for knee pain, we believe is from a previous meniscus injury. She did get a stem cell injection 2 months ago but no improvement with that. The Dr said not to use any anti inflammatory like Advl as it interferes with the stem cell injection. We waited to use the M1 until last week as not sure it it or PEMF interferes? Since it has been 2 months I thought it would be ok?
Ok ,The pain is in the inner knee. So far we have just been using the default settings and placing the pair of coils over the part of her inner knee that hurts. Is this where the coils should be? Should we increase the settings? So far after just 1 week of daily use (for about 1.5 o 2 hours which is long as one battery last ) no change. I know it is early but . any suggestions on placement or intensity level?
Anyone with meniscus problems have any experience to pass on?

I did ozone injections which seemed to heal my MRI validated torn meniscus, so I haven’t used my m1 for this. However, if I had known about ICES PEMF before spending many thousands on a series of ozone injections, I would have used the M1 on protocol Omni 8 on power 9 with flat side on top of the knee and other on the other side, coils held in place with adhesive bandage and a velcro wrap around the knee. I would wear it for as many hours as possible, minimum 8 hours per day. I would wear it for 2-3 weeks and see if I notice any reduce pain or meniscus catching (was very painful when squatting for me). If this didn’t make an impact, I would try it on the other sides of the knee. That is what I have used for dozens of things as seen in my other posts that you can find on this board.

Thank you. I think the Omni 8 power 9 is the default. For placement, if I understand you correctly you are suggestion, one coil on top of knee and they other under the knee. I will try that. I will have o get extra batteries as 1 runs out in about 1.5 hours . tku TC

The use of PEMF generally does not appear to interfere with stem cells. Clinical observations (anecdotal) are that the use of PEMF improves stem sell treatment outcomes.

thank you for that info Bob, I do see in this survey: https://www.josam.org/josam/article/view/69 that a good % of people use it with stem cell

go on Amazon and buy the rechargeable hixon 9 volts… those make the a9 last over 10h easily of straight use

thank you for the suggestion. I’ve got the M1 so the 9 volt wont fit but I guess the solution is to trade out batteries. tku

whoops… ok… my bad… in that case, i use the external battery that connects to the AC adapter. however, the external batteries i have don’t work with the programs with time out pulses…

good luck!

Is the Omni8 protocol best for knee arthritis?

I would start with Omni-8. Then consider trying a few others once you have a feel for the effects of Omni-8.

Also Consider:

I have the A9 and trying to rehab a meniscus that I rehabbed to the point of playing competitive tennis. then re injured. Trying to clarify the placements you suggest. was using both stacked on medial part of knee… When you mean Top of the knee and other side. Referring to above the knee cap and behind the knee opposite the first coil?

Yes, exactly right. Those are the positions I would personally try first.