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Success treating leg cramps

Thought I’d start this thread since I am a new m1 owner. I am in my mid-fifties, male, in relatively good health. (I think this post belongs under ‘sports medicine’, so admin is free to move if needed).

I used to get severe leg cramps, hours after exercising. Please note the pain never occurs immediately following exercise, it is delayed for hours until I am fully asleep, then the cramps start at 2 or 3am. Now I try to prep the area for about 1 hour prior with the m1 strapped to my right calf, then 1 to 2 hour(s) after exercising. Cramping has stopped completely, I feel like my leg never even exercised! Ironically enough, I can feel the m1 in operation more after exercising very hard, consistent with reports that pemfs can diagnose a condition that might not be apparent otherwise.

I do have other uses as well, and I’ll be posting those as well.


excellent, thanks. I think we need to add a sports medicine section. Quite a number of people have mentioned to me that they use PEMF, especially for exercise recovery.


Sports people are a wonderful nische.
They are often more likely to be open minded towards PEMF, and also maybe more likely to experiment on themselves inorder to achieve better performance.

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I’m looking forward to running with these on lungs to see if i get why improvement and how much. first have to get baseline on a plateau… so maybe in 2mos? haha just starting up.

meanwhile will be using for muscle recovery!

so over the last few days i started my run, which i haven’t gone in over a year. while i started light by only doing 10min sessions, my legs were still noticeably sore the day after. applying the a9 5pps unit for about 30 mins alleviated most of the pain. if i were to say the soreness was 10, it felt like about a 2 (just walking around) and maybe 3 if i pushed my muscle (flexed it).

later on when I’m at longer distances with hills,i definitely look forward to comparing with a9 pre treated 1h before and during run vs runs without the a9!

maybe will be there (1h runs) in about March and will report back! i have a feeling I’ll be easily breaking personal records with pemf in my pocket :+1:t3: