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Sjogren’s Syndrome inflammation in submandibular salivary glands

Hello. For almost 20 years I’ve had general inflammation in my right submandibular salivary gland (and more recently the left one as well) from Sjogren’s syndrome. Conventional treatment methods recommended by doctors include; drink a gallon of water a day, massage neck/face, suck on sour candy, etc… It was looked at Cleveland Clinic by a team of doctors using ultrasound imaging, everything is ok structurally, no tumor/stone/blockage just inflammation probably autoimmune related. Infrared LED and laser light helps shrink the soft/puffy swelling around the face/glands to a certain degree, however, I hit a road block with this technology due to heat build up and the depth of the target tissue. Most of the NIR absorbs at the skin surface with only a bit of an osmosis effect for deeper tissue.

I received the A9 about a week ago and it seems to be shrinking the inflammation very quickly (about 25% improvement in the first week). I’ve been using it in 1-2 hour blocks about 2 to 3 times a day. These salivary glands can get so inflamed they enlarge and get dense so it is quite obvious if there is an improvement in the size and density of the gland tissue.

If anyone has any tips or experience using PEMF for Sjogren’s syndrome please share your experience.

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Greetings & sad to hear of your difficulties…
Allopaths would not want to take this direct path, but remember that all liquids in the colon are squeezed and recycled throughout the body…
I would stick with the A9 treatment, but become aware that there maybe some colon impactions here making for pathogenic activity.
You may also want to take 1-3 teaspoons daily of colloidal silver.
You can make your own if desired.
I buy mine from Good Earth Health Products. Cheap & good.
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Thank you. I’ll look into stacking colloidal silver with the PEMF treatments. The condition has continued to improve. It seems clear I’m getting better results with longer treatment times. I’m going to try sleeping with it on to hit the higher 8hr per day exposure range.

Another thing you can stack is red light or near infrared light. Even a low cost flashlight (one with an actual red or near infrared led) or laser pointer has been reported to work and give more saliva.

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Hi Cat, I use a combination of a PEMF, massage and red/nir light (LED torch and mini panel pressed to the skin, 20 to 40 joules per dose every other day). The red and nir light help bring down the inflammation but lack the penetration depth needed for this application (about 2" deep in the body). The skin optics under the jaw and the density of the tissue attenuate most of the light even with a very high powered source.

It does work for saliva for many, and for taking down gum inflammation, but you have more compicated issues, and that is interesting to know - that it doesn’t work well enough for swollen parotid glands. I hope ICES-PEMF provides what you need!

Treating the entire body can be accomplished with red LED light applied intranasally. I use Bio-Nase which cost $6.00 delivered.
It takes time for your blood to circulate and be affected.

I got a copy of that one. My nose is a bit too small, so I didn’t like using it. I like the idea, but it wasn’t too practical.