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Singing - tired/overused vocal folds

Hi, I am an opera singer and sometimes overuse my voice. Any idea if this helps for singing and where and how should I place the coils. I am thinking of getting the M1 so I can bring it with me to the theatres and to auditions.

Thank you!

no one has reported trying this probably bc no one uses their voice in that way regularly haha

i think sleeping with that the day after would help recovery faster than without. it would be interesting to see how lasting the effects if you were to try in between events in a day. i would guess within too short a period for recovery time, what benefit might be short lived. but hey, everyone is different and ymmv

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@Bob’s invention definitely reduces inflammation and helps the body repair itself to the extent that it can. If this was my line of work / passion, I would not hesitate to try an A9 or M1 and in parallel red/infrared light therapy.

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Thank you for your replies. I look forward to trying it out!

Any idea how to make sure the coil sticks to the throat area? Do i put both the coils just on top and over my vocal cords, and perhaps use a tape to have it stay in place while i sleep?

Thanks !

What I imagine trying is first using self adhesive bandage to keep two coils side by side (be sure to have both sides bumpy up and flat side down). Then I picture trying using medical tape (like 3M micropore skin medical tape) to keep these side by side coils affixed vertically along side the the front of the neck or across the vocal chord itself taking special care to not wrap or tape anything around my neck. Please promise to report back your findings. This is a valuable community and we are motivated to respond if there is a feedback loop where people also join the community and share back how @Bob’s technology helps them.

These sound like great suggestions to me.