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Shoulder Labral tear s/p recent surgical repair

I had Left Shoulder Labral tear and had it surgically repaired 4 days ago (Monday). 5 Small plastic anchors were used to stabilize the labral tear.
Since the surgery I’ve used A9 for 3 hrs daily with FANTASTIC results. Its Thursday, and i’ve been able to taper myself off of all the pain medications because of this device.
I just wanted to confirm that its ok to use A9 with plastic anchors for labral tears? And what is the maximal number of hours that i can use it daily?
thank you for great invention.

@George That is wonderful to hear. I have had similar terrific results with so many bone and soft tissue areas. It is recommended to be used 8+ hours a day, but I often use it 16-24 hours and there is no issue with using it around the clock. In other posts, @Bob has shared he has no reports of issues when used in joint replacements, so that may be a proxy for your question on plastic anchors, but I defer to him and others as I have no direct experience with that.

I am curious how you learned about this @Bob’s ICES PEMF and planned ahead to have the A9 ready to go for your surgery. Smart move, IMO.

everything I have heard through user reports, as well as my own direct experience, is that the effects on joint implants are positive. There also does not seem to be any problem with constant 24/7 use, at least nothing that I have ever seen.