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Shoe organizer or other Ideas for whole body C5 coil placement?

Hi all,
I see a lot of expensive “whole body” pEMF units being sold. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do something similar with my C5 as you can use up to 8 coils (and of course it would be using the best pEMF tech out there care of Bob!). I’ve tried simply placing them on the ground and laying on them.

It would be great to come up with something that could serve as a “C5 Mat” where we could place the coils strategically in order to cover the whole body when sitting down or sleeping. Or target specific parts of the body (e.g., whole back).

The only idea I’ve come up with is using a cloth shoe organizer that would have numerous pockets where we could place the coils. An example is below:

I’m sure someone who knows how to sow would be able to easily make something like this. I don’t have those kind of skills unfortunately.

Anyone else come up with something like this or have any ideas?

Looking forward to hearing your responses.


So I purchased the AmazonBasics 24-Pocket shoe rack and it works quite well for whole body pEMF using the C5. See pics:

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That looks like a good system! And the fabric protects the coils/cables from being pulled at when you sit down or shift position.

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Exactly. And it cost only $11 USD!!

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hmm… for about 13$ i have one i can attach to clothes or fabric if i wanted with precision with these


they may last a few washes, but i have yet to test that out…

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Anymore thoughts on this thread. I’m very interested in a body mat and like this idea. Original poster, what have you found using this ? Please enlighten

I’ve been using it primary on my deckchair when I’m working with patients via Zoom. Seems to work well. Here is a picture of it in my home office.

Thank you for sharing the picture. How often do you use it during the day? Thank you for all the information. I’m trying to decide if I should get the C5 and make a mat like you did.

If you’re trying to decide between a C5 and a mat from another company, then for the price and presumably better technology, the C5 is way better IMO. For small areas of the body, the M1 or A9 work well. If you don’t own a M1 or A9, keep in mind the C5 is basically 4 M1’s in one case. Just not very portable (need to use an external battery pack which makes it bulky and heavy).

I use it on and off for a few hours when working. I typically do 1 hour on (sitting) and 1 hour off as I’m standing. I do this twice so I typically get 2 hours on most weekdays. I subjectively feel like I have more energy but it’s hard to tell.