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Shealy Gamma PEMF

Dr. @Bob, I was curious if you or anyone on here has tried the Norm Shealy gamma PEMF device (selling for $1600 on his website). I believe its low gauss, will do brainwave entrainment, etc. I’m not a PEMF expert, but it seems as if your M1 will also entrain brainwave frequencies, and do a lot more as well. Any thoughts or feedback?

I try not to say too much about competing PEMF devices, but in this case I think I know exactly what is going on. I have seen this rodeo before many times, and I know the characters involved well enough to know what they are capable of, and what they are not.
My honest opinion: what they are selling there is yet another example of a way over-priced, poorly designed PEMF system. In my technical opinion, it is a “hybrid copy”, pirated from several other systems to put together a chimera PEMF that has a bunch of “convenient” but otherwise not-too-functional geometries. Looking at the materials and construction, and based on their technical specs, I would say it can be built for under $50 easily.
And the “scientific” explanation of it is based on an urban myth promulgated by a convicted criminal about 20 years ago.
Buy it if you want, it may do something or may not, however, caveat emptor.


thank you very much for this information. If one wants to use your device (M1) for brainwave entrainment, would one put the coils in the area of the head/brain?

CNS entrainment is a large, complex, and not widely standardized procedure, so different people do it different ways. You would have to self-experiment, but in general the scientific literature describes this. For example:

To attempt to entrain brain waves in the temporal lobe of the brain, in general, place the electrodes over the temporal lobe of the brain, etc.