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Sensitivity to artificial lights

Does anyone have experience dealing with artificial light sensitivity? I’m 44 and suffered a really nice blow to the head at 13, so this was awhile back, but in the last few years I’ve become quite sensitive to artificial lights.

By that I mean Starbucks, grocery stores, etc. – wherever you’d find a lot of LEDs and/or fluorescents.

Regular incandescents bother me only a little.

Thoughts? -Will

is this the same sensitivity as people who wear sunglasses?

Sunlight doesn’t bother me in the slightest - artificial light only. I can stand/sit in it for a little bit, but it’s like a “battery” that’s protecting me gets run down, then presyncope et al. ensues.

just wondering if you would get the same response under artificial lights even if your eyes were closed or wearing sunglasses. if so might give some insight


Sorry, I can’t help you, except that I have had a great improvement with natural light sensitivity and night headlight sensitivity, which no longer seem to bother me, but I am not sure how I did it. Meaning, I have used this device so many different ways that I just know that I used to dread night driving and it hasn’t been an issue for months.