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Scalenectomy surgery vs. ICES-PEMF

I remember Dr. Dennis saying that if you are ever considering surgery, it is worth trying out ICES-PEMF before going ahead with the surgery. So that’s why I am making this post and thinking of purchasing an M1.

I’m in my late 20’s and have been housebound from ME/CFS for the past five years. I have moderate to severe physical and mental fatigue. I have a lot of persistent brain fog and am unable to read or work at any functional level.

After several consultations with experts, and ruling out several things, I have been diagnosed with TOS-CVH.

TOS-CVH is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - Cerebrovascular Hyperperfusion phenomenon. Not many doctors know about it. Here is a paper on it:

It is fundamentally idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) caused by TOS.

My first instinct is to treat this conservatively, but whenever I do strengthening exercises for my scalene muscles, I get significant exacerbation of ME/CFS symptoms, even after just one repetition.

The expert I was consulting with (via telemedicine) said that worsening of symptoms with the scalene exercise is the ultimate proof of TOS, beyond what a personal examination and palpation of the muscles might prove.

So, I am strongly considering a bilateral scalenectomy with first rib resection for treating my TOS.

In this surgery they will remove my severely inhibited anterior scalene muscles along with my first rib.

But before doing this surgery, I wonder strongly if ICES-PEMF can help in a case like this. Certainly, it seems to be worth trying. I was thinking of using it as an adjunct to conservative treatment, especially if ICES-PEMF can speed up recovery times and prevent overtraining of the scalene muscles, which is a huge issue for me.

Dr. Dennis, do you have any thoughts on my case?

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I have not had any information on that specific use, sorry. Therefore, unfortunately, I have very little to add except that I generally would favor a conservative approach as you have described. And I can say that everyone who has told me they planned to use ICES-PEMF prior to surgery (including myself) has later remarked that their recovery was better or faster than expected, and most added that their surgeon/physician also noted a very good post-surgical recovery.