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Ruptured Cornea

Does anyone have any experience using ICES (or other PEMF) to help heal a ruptured cornea? Unfortunately I know someone suffering from this, I’m happy to lend them my A9a (original A9, not the current Omni-8) if it might help.

My father had several corneal ulcers on his right eye (his 100% blind eye). The last one hasn’t fully healed so he has to wear a special contact lens to protect the cornea.

Recently we have been using the M1 (stacked coils on his left temple) to help his left eye (99% blind) with a small measure of success.

On our last appointment with the eye doctor, she didn’t mention any improvement of his right cornea but at that time we hadn’t been using the M1 for too long,.

My father has to return to replace the contact lens every month, so it’ll be interesting to see if, in time, his right-eye cornea is able to recover – although I’m unsure if the stacked coils on his left temple would provide a strong-enough magnetic feel able to penetrate all the way trough his brain into his right eye.

I’ll keep you updated.

Still, I don’t think you’d have nothing to loose in trying it. Maybe you could make use of this design by user @Leo_Yang:


(open to see the image)

maybe even stacking the coils on the eye that’s damaged and placing some sort of counter-weight in the opposite side of the frame.

They tried Medical therapy versus LLLT and PEMF and both combined.

LLLT might be better.

PEMF might be better than traditional therapy.

I am not sure whether I am analyzing the data properly because this was an animal study with corneal alkali burn and both PEMF and LLLT helped some, but their conclusion was that LLLT might be better.