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Rodin coil

Hi everyone just curious if anyone has experience with Rodin Coils. And if maybe Bob has tried them with ICES.

Thanks in advance!

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No comments from anyone? I thought there would have been some comment about rodin or torrid coils as they seem to amplify.

@Bob this will get his attention

I had never heard of it until I just googled it. if you have something interesting to post about it in connection with pemf, please do so.

That did in fact get my attention, thanks. Here is my opinion about PEMF coils in general:

Think of PEMF, as applied clinically, as the use of electromagnetism to elicit a biological effect. The best explanation for this, and my working hypothesis, is that the mechanism involves induction. Therefore, I think it is reasonable to conceptualize the system as an inductively coupled set of circuits: one electrical, the other biological.

The electrical device half of the system is analogous to the primary coil of a transformer.

The biological half is presumably made up of ions in solution around lipid (non-conducting) membranes (allowing closed conductive circuits), and this is analogous to the secondary coil of the transformer.

The transformer core is, essentially, non-ferrous, and thus the analogous system is an air-core transformer, with the first half (the primary, the driving side) being a very well understood coil, which has been understood pretty thoroughly since about 1864.

The second half of the air-core transformer is the biological half, which we only partially understand, because it remains unclear exactly how the induced electrical current deep in living tissues elicits a biological response.

Now, with all of this in mind, let me clearly define the scope of my knowledge, which corresponds, I believe, to the limits of our current scientific and engineering knowledge as it relates to PEMF:

While the secondary (biological) half remains somewhat mysterious, the primary half of the system is not mysterious at all. It is very well understood.

Proof by demonstration: if we did not understand how the primary half of the PEMF transformer analog system worked, then no modern technology would be possible: no cell phones, no cars, trains, planes, robots, motors, toasters, no Internet. Not even transistor radios. Not even crude crystal radios that we all built in Cub Scouts. None of that would work. So, I feel pretty confident to assert that we know a lot about the primary half (the coils) of any PEMF because we have a comprehensive understanding of how electrical transformers work, and this has been widely understood and used in billions (trillions??) of devices since 1864.

Therefore, I believe I can say with some authority that the following coil configurations bear the indicated relationships to PEMF in general:

Solenoids and Helmholtz coils of all geometries: This is known to be most efficient and effective for projecting a magnetic field in the optimal way that is both physically possible (there are limits) and advantageous for projecting the magnetic field lines deeply into materials such as tissues. This is why ICES-PEMF, and all other forms of PEMF that are known by science to actually work, use these types of coils.

Toroidal coils: these are excellent for a completely different application: the containment of magnetic flux lines within the toroid, projecting almost nothing to the exterior, and thus are very poorly suited to clinical PEMF, which requires the projection, not the containment, of magnetic flux lines. They can make excellent electrical components that very efficiently contain magnetic energy, but they do not, by design, radiate energy.

Rodin Coils: This appears to me to be a pseudo-technical construct that is a hybrid between a solenoid and a toroid, and as such would be an inefficient form of each. Its primary characteristic seems to be that it looks cool. It might have some interesting effects, but probably not, and probably does not do anything that a solenoid or toroid could do much more efficiently if designed and used properly. That is my technical opinion and understanding, with the caveat that it is always possible that I am simply wrong and somehow I did not get the memo on this fascinating device.

To the extent that the Rodin (or any other) special (non-technical) coil configuration has mystical or super-natural powers or effects, that is beyond the scope of my knowledge (and belief).

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Thanks for the reply honestly I just thought they looked really cool. LOL

They do look super cool. I wish I knew that they did something really cool too in terms of tissue healing. And people will claim that they do, but such claims do not bear close scrutiny IMO. And if I ever hear any good evidence that they actually work, I will sure try to figure out why. But until I hear a few reliable people independently tell me that they work, in a plausible way… gotta keep my focus on the stuff immediately at hand.