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Random questions

*what about using cbd, ozone oil, essential oils etc between coils and skin ( knee pain in my case)
*is it better to be still or in my case to bend/ stretch knee while it’s on?
*if I get prp and ozone injection in knee do I start right back with this or wait a bit?

Oils and creams: it is important to be cautious when you’re trying these kinds of things with the ICES coils, because any kind of cream or oil or liniment or anything like that can extract important components of the medical grade rubber of the rings and destroy them. Several years ago, a number of people were using these on horses and they used what they called horse liniment. It caused a leaching of one of the components of the rubber, which resulted in brown rings that were just like a stain. But a bunch of people got extremely worried and thought that they were causing thermal burns to their horses. A number of horse people had also decided to use this approach on their own body, and then they ended up with brown rings tattooed on their knees and shoulders and elbows and lower back, and many of them were extremely worried about it as well. In addition to this, that chemical attack tended to destroy the rubber in the Rings making it very brittle and eventually crack. so my general advice is that if you’re going to use anything like an oil or a cream or a liniment that you need to be very careful with it and isolate the coils in an impermeable barrier like a plastic bag, or just don’t do it at all. If you decide to do it you have to be prepared for the kind of damage that might occur.

Be still or bend: I would move naturally to the extent that you can.

PRP/Ozone: From what I hear anecdotally it is best to use ICES-PEMF immediately before and immediately after these kinds of procedures.

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