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Quinolone related tendon/ligament damage

Has anyone had any experiences with treating tendon/ligament issues in the lower leg, post treatment with quinolone class antibiotics?

Yes, a round of Cipro caused plantar fibromatosis on my left foot and plantar fasciitis on both feet. @Bob’s ICES PEMF is the only thing that stopped the pain. I have made other posts on plantar fasciitis and using the ICES PEMF M1 to stop the pain and then it hasn’t returned.

Thank you for your response, any pointers on settings/placement/time for A9?

Those antibiotics are a necessary evil sometimes but boy can they do some damage.

Three months on and it feels like I sprain that left ankle every other day. Can’t wait to get started with my A9 on it this weekend.

Is there a specific place that is tender on your ankle when you press your fingers to it? If so, I would recommend putting the A9 coils on that spot. I own an M1 and use Omni 8 on power 9, but I think is the same as A9 medium. I recommend leaving it on default settings for the A9 and use it minimum 8 hours a day if not 12, 16, or even 24 hours/day. It takes time (could take 4-8 weeks in my case depending on the foot) but it works and pain hasn’t returned.

This is perfect @TajD, I have a spot just above the ankle protrusion on the inside that hurts the most and sometimes the pain radiates down toward the heel on the inside. I also have a collection of very small varicose veins there too, so I am going to start documenting the treatment of that area with photos to hopefully share with others on here.

@Bob’s research and work is incredibly important, so any thing I can do to help highlight it, I am more than willing to do. You just don’t see this level of support or interaction with any other vendor in this space.

I think this advice is exactly correct, thanks @TajD

I think one valuable thing you can do is to take notes then share on the forum what you are doing, measuring your pain /discomfort before/during/after treatment on a scale of 1 to 10 or something like that, then track how often you use it per day on what setting and what the results are over what period. People sharing their personal experiences with ICES PEMF and helping others on the forum is what makes this such a hidden nugget with high quality posts on the internet.

Looking forward to hearing how your tendon/ligament repair goes.

Two additional things to consider after you see your pain reside with ICES PEMF that have helped me with my tendon/ligament issues. In other posts on this forum, I have mentioned the importance of proper nitric oxide levels and what we are using - Berekley Life Beet Root Capsules. I share the NO idea because you mentioned you have small varicose veins. Also, I have posted about standing on a vibration plate for 10 minutes once or twice a day at 30-40hz with 1 to 1.5mm amplitude to strengthen the muscles around the ligaments and I shared the vibration plate I am using.