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Question on intensity

Sorry if this is a newbie question but I’ve noticed that on the bigger machines the intensity is higher the slower the pulse per second is. Looking at one of dr Pawliks videos on the Hugo intense when he turns the Intensity up it slows the pulses down as well.
Does this also hold true with the m1 ? To get the most intensity do we turn the settings to pps1?

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From a consumer answer perspective: for the M1 you purchased, Intensity is controlled by the number 1-15. The pulse pattern Omni 8 on average has the most positive feedback. Also Alpha and a couple others are also routinely used, but this forum hasn’t said at all that PPS 1 works better than the aforementioned protocols. You can tag Bob if you want the product designer /engineer answer.

ICES devices do always the same plus rate with the selected program and power setting - as long as the power source supplies enough energy which can be limited when using batteries that are going low.

Hugo-Style devices load a lot of energy in capacitors which are then discharged - and that takes time and even more time when the energy released in the impulse is higher.

You can compare ICES with a martial arts expert which uses limited force but in a very directed way with a very directed small and precise and calculated impulse (shape) to obtain his goal. Hugo-style devices are more like using a sledge hammer by a barbarian. It takes some time to get the hammer moving, and swinging it in the right position to then hit the target.

There risk with latter is, that everything can get out of hand or can cause unwanted collateral damage, even if the goal of the action is reached sometimes. Is a little bit like “Hulk” in the Avengers movies. Hulk may obtain his goals, but the Back Widow or Hawkeye do it wich much more thought, style, precision and less brutal force…



Absolutely ICES-PEMF devices do not function that way. When the pulse rate drifts down with intensity it is an indication that the device likely uses an old technology, such as a spark-gap relaxation oscillator or other primitive technology from the mid 1800’s.

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Ty so much. Yes that Hugo I was watching a video on does use spark gap