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It’s Labor Day and I’m looking at the M1. Are there any discounts currently, or coming up?

(Please forgive me, if this is the wrong place to ask.)

This is a perfectly good place to ask that question, thanks. As a general rule we try to offer our best pricing to our existing customers, and we do occasionally have the opportunity to sell things with a little bit of a discount, but we do not advertise that widely. The best thing to do is to contact us directly at our customer service and ask what discounts we can offer:
email support@micro-pulse.com or call 1-833-627-8573.

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with the comparatively low prices in the industry, the devices are a bargain for the results they bring. as a customer of several units and purchases for family, they’ve been very fair in offering discounts for units i have purchased over the years.

i don’t have the abundance of funds I’d like to have to purchase more, but every chance i get, i buy what i can as there’s a lot of family that i also want to help! they’d never try this on their own not knowing how this could help them, and i don’t want to wait for them to get beyond the point of no return where these devices can get them some benefit sooner than later or at “too late”!


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the timely response and information. I’m a newbie, but I have watched a number of your YouTube videos. Thank you for these as well.

I’m looking at maybe trying to use PEMF to improve and maybe heal rotor cuff injuries in both shoulders. I was thinking the M1 would be best, but I don’t really know. I also have an ozone setup, if that matters.

actually, that is a great application for ICES-PEMF, and an M1 would probably be best because it certainly has enough power for penetration of that anatomical area (unless you are Andre the Giant). The big reason is the ultra-portability of the M1: you may struggle with it for the first few few days or even a week, but once you get the hang of it, you will have uninhibited mobility all day while wearing in on your shoulder, and you will begin to forget that you even have it on much of the time.

And based on expert feedback, ICES-PEMF does seem to have good synergies with ozone.

As for discounts, while we do always give existing customers the best possible deals, we generally also have good deals for first-time customers.

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@RayS as I shared in the forum elsewhere, the M1 totally and completely healed my 20 year old rotator cuff injury.


I am surprised that I would have to wear it that long. But again, I’m a newbie.

I found it, thanks. I may ask some questions later.

Thanks, I went ahead and ordered the M1. :ringer_planet: