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Pre-game performance enhancement for athletes

I was not quite sure where to post this so I made an educated guess as to this forum being the most appropriate.

But what program and what coil placement might you folks suggest for Pre-game/Pre-competition for athletes to possibly enhance their focus and get them dialed in and get the energy flowing?

Thanks in advance.

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Alpha 9 on the forehead or temples, OR, putting it somewhere else like inside of my ankle when driving across country ALL put me into a flow state.

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@TajD: Q: Which intensity, coil config an how long?

Alpha power 9, stacked coils on M1. Takes a couple hours to really get into the flow.


I just got an interesting message from a new micro-pulse customer @Phinda_Madi on his recovery using a C5. He said I could re-post it for the whole community if I wanted to. So, here it is:



@Bob It says that those pages don’t exist.




RTT2 Hi Bob. I’m a Business Studies Professor who also is a keen runner. I recently discovered you though I’d bought the A9 from Pawluk.com a few years ago. After watching a few of your videos, I first bought an M1, then quickly bought the C5 afterwards for multi spots application. Yesterday I ran the toughest 21k in South Africa called Pirates 21k with almost 1640 ft climb. As you’ll see from attachements, my post marathon recovery is just off the charts. See the few pics and video clip of recovery as tracked by an Apple watch app called Taining Today. I also recently reversed my sister’s Hyperthyroid symptoms after her near death experience, that’s a story for another day.

Please share in the forum if you want.

second link pasted:




Sorry almost forgot. I wanted you to see the pic of how I’ve made my C5 compeltely mobile with a Velcro attached 10mah battery. Lasts for days


@Phinda_Madi and @bob thanks so much for sharing. This is fantastic. I love my M1 and just ordered a c5 ten minutes ago. Plus a bunch of coils.

@Bob is trickle charging needed for the c5 as well? Guessing it draws alot more current than the m1.

The C5 draws enough current that battery power packs (all the ones that I tested) do not need a trickle current mode.

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