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Potential Root Canal

I had a root canal in December. At that time the dentist told me I needed another one soon.

I have not had severe pain but I can tell there is irritation in the area of the tooth in question.

Any tips on using my m-1 to reduce the need for root canals? Best coil configurations or settings people have tried?

Currently I have been sleep with it on my face (over my upper gums) at night Omni 8 level 10- coils side to side.

It seems to help but then during the day the feeling starts coming back some, so today I am wearing it differently with the stretch band around my head with coils stacked…while I am working at the computer.

If anyone has had experience with this I would love to hear it. Aside from the root canal cost- which including crown is about $3000 in my area…the dentists are closed for business. So I’d really rather resolve this issue with PEMF!


I assume you have seen our short YouTube video on the topic of root canals, but in case you have not, here it is:

I don’t think there is anything special or magic too it. I think it amounts to consistent, regular use, coils stacked (bumpy-side to bumpy-side), placed directly over the tooth in question (on the outside of your cheek of course). Stacey Ravid (from the video) might be able to give a few more details, but as I recall, she just used default settings and got very satisfactory results. Consider a medium - high intensity setting as you are now doing, and also try Alpha Wave or Schumann 4. These all seem to get a lot of good feedback for various uses.

Thank you so much for your response. I will be more diligent and start using it 24-7. I will also try the other 2 settings that you mentioned. I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my post Bob. And thanks for sharing the video- That’s really encouraging! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great. Please let us know what you end up finding, and how well it works for you (or not).

Hi Bob-

I had been using the coils placed side to side and once I stacked them (as you suggested) and started using the coils that way on Omni 8-14…I started to get results. Only a couple of days of 24/7 using the stacked coil method…made a huge difference in my discomfort. I’m sure everyone is different but for me that made a huge difference.

Not only that, I went in this afternoon for an X-ray and evaluation to a new Endodontist, just to get it things checked out, and after a CT scan and X-rays she could not find any conclusive evidence that I needed a root canal.

Hopefully that’s the end of it!

Thanks for you input and have a great week- :slightly_smiling_face:


wow, I hope that is the end of it. I love to hear good stories like that, thanks.

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You may want to look into Biological Dentistry. There are reasons why root canals become infected. Chances are that you have mitigated inflammation and infection with PEMF, but not the “root cause,” in my opinion.
It is important to note that without a Cone Beam Scan, infections will not be visible unless they are very inflamed.

Conventional dentists take out the nerve which transmits pain signal, but they leave dead tissue, (the ligament) to rot in your mouth… So the infection may return or be present without your knowledge becoming a chronic low grade infection again, or Osteomyelitis.

Thanks for your response Jill.

That’s interesting, but I’m not really able to afford to have all of my root canals redone by a Biological Dentist on the chance that there “might” be roting material there-$$$ until my recent root canal in December it had been a few years since I had a root Canal and I had no problems then.

My root canal in December was done with a special procedure that uses an ultra cleaning technique called Gentlewave that removes 99% of the debris from the canal.

Two weeks ago I had a cat scan of my entire jaw line and 3 X-rays on the side that was having sensitivity in an emergency visit to the Endodontist… The Endodontist didn’t see any signs of infection in the bone or gums and said the new root canal looked good. And she did alot of manual probing to confirm that too. I’m feeling pretty good now so hopefully the problem is resolved.

I don’t know where you live- but in my area except for emergencies all the dentist offices are closed and we are being told to stay at home.

I will continue to use my M-1 device on that area of my jaw for continued healing.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but If traditional dentists (which most of the population uses) are leaving something in your mouth to rot and make you sick I would think there would be class action lawsuits against them for Malpractice. If not there should be.

Have a nice weekend- :slight_smile:

So happy to have seen Stacey’s testimony!
A week ago Sunday night Monday morning I was up in the middle of the night with pain in my jaw. I called my dentist the next morning, but was not able to get in until this morning. That morning when I found out I wouldn’t be able to get into the dentist for a week, I scheduled an appointment at my local alternative Healthcare practitioner. They got me in for UVBI treatment, and I did not have any more trouble with pain after that. I repeated the UVB I treatment a few days later just to make sure that I was taking steps to care for the infection. This morning I got to the dentist and they did an x-ray which showed infection under one of my molars. He prescribed an antibiotic and told me that my choice would be root canal or extraction.
I am going to give the PEMF a try. I hope that I will be able to update with good news in a couple of weeks.

U just need to do oil pulling with coconut oil. Just goggle

Your right- I’ll try that.

i had a root canal done about 8yrs ago… every now and then, i feel some pain (infection?) if i fall asleep without brushing and flossing. tonight, i decided to sleep with the coils stacked over my front tooth where the root canal is.

this was a creative use of my 2020 covid mask to keep the coils in place. i don’t move much when i sleep so will see how this works but the morning!

it’s actually quite comfortable to use the mask…

i continue to use the coils, side by side, medium setting for the second night. after the first night, the pain was greatly dulled, but that could’ve been from the use of soaking my teeth in peroxide before going to bed. peroxide has helped in the past with killing enough of the infection, but the pain would take another day or two to feel better… using the coils, it does feel as if 2 days have passed to get to that healing without it. day 2 of use (no peroxide on second night), i feel fine. at this point I’m hoping to continue to see what kind of healing i can happen… maybe a healthier flora?