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Post-Op Vitrectomy

I am two days post-op from a vitrectomy. I have an M1 and wanted to know if it would speed recovery from the procedure and how to use it.

HI Bill,

First off, please remember I am a PhD, not an MD. I’ve had my M1 for about five years, using it primarily for osteoarthritis problems. I’m 73.

I’m pretty sure there’s no direct research on the condition that you had surgery for. That means you are, like many of us, experimenting on yourself regarding the effects of PEMF (called N of 1 research).

My own experience, using my M1 on an Inguinal hernia surgery this summer and a knee replacement just a few months ago, is that the use of PEMF significantly speeds up healing. It’s a gentle process, a ‘massaging’ of the cells is how I think about it. It requires multiple hours of use per day to get significant results, at least for surgical incisions such as I had.

The closer you can get the coils to the healing site the better…they work out only a few cm from the coils…you can see the effect with your tester.
Also, the sooner you can start using PEMF the better.

I used my PEMF for 8-12 hours per day, omni 8. 30 rest 5 at max intensity.
My hernia healed in a few weeks and now, for my knee, I’m at 2 months and it feels completely normal and the scar from the incision is difficult to see. To put it mildly, the Docs are impressed! So, for my N of 1 research there is no doubt it works. I used max intensity because the incisions were deep below the skin…you might not need max intensity.

Ordinarily I never feel the PEMF when it’s on. HOWEVER, there are times when I will start to get a weird feeling at the site after several hours of use. Not exactly pain but more like my body saying “enough for now”.

Eyes are more delicate than knees, so I’d be careful. Maybe start with a hour or two and evaluate? Pay attention to how everything feels before, after and during. Increase time some each day, stop if anything feels weird. You can compare the ‘average’ healing time for your surgery with what is happening with you. Tough base with your surgical team and let them know what you’re doing. They probably know nothing about PEMF but perhaps they do!

That’s about all I’ve got. Good Luck.


Hi Rod, Some great advice in your reply. I did Omni 8 for four hours yesterday with one coil in the temple/above the eye area and one below the eye in the TMJ area. I’ve used my M1 at an intensity of 11 in the past for joints, etc., but I reduced it to 9 for the eye. I know what you mean by that “weird” feeling and perhaps I didn’t stop the treatment when I should have yesterday. If I can get half or more of the redness out of the eye by check-up time on Monday, I will be quite pleased.