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PEMF to Repair Nerve Damage/Hearing Loss

About a year ago I was too close to an explosion and had significant hearing loss. Based on how my hearing was distorted I assumed my ear drums had been perforated. I had the same thing happen many years ago and my hearing eventually went back to normal. This time I made a cap with a coil over each ear. I was happy with the progress and wore the cap a lot, often 24 hours a day. After a few months progress stopped and at times my hearing even seemed to get worse. I stopped using the coils over my ears and it seemed over time that my hearing slightly improved at times and other times got a little worse. A couple of months ago I went to a doctor and was told I no longer have perforated ear drums. I got a hearing test, then went to an ear doctor who told me my hearing has probably stabilized by now and will no longer improve; the nerve damage is likely permanent.

My question for the forum is, has anyone had experience using PEMF to coax the body to regenerate damaged nerves? Does anyone have any thoughts as to coil placement and device/settings to use? I’ve been using the A9b on a few different issues on a near constant basis for several years. I like the idea of having some choices of settings but my difficulty has been in knowing what setting to use. I’m considering getting an M1 so I can treat my ears and another area at the same time, but am not sure I would be able to know what setting to use. My hearing, as with my other issues, will be very slow to change. I don’t think I can make a choice based on results, but knowing what setting is best for nerve regeneration would be a big help. I would be very grateful to learn how best to treat nerve damage and how to choose the most effective settings. One of my ears is not too bad, so I could use stacked coils on the bad side or one on each side. I have the A9b, so I could also use stacked coils on each side with a splitter or get the M1 with all of it’s possibilities.

curious… what setting(s) have you consistently tried (power and configuration of coils) during the time you applied to ears? how long did you apply to ears with your cap (duration of applying, not session… altho, I’m assuming most of the time you did 12+hours sessions)?

I was using the A9b, so the only setting was the power setting which I kept at the highest level. I kept a coil over each ear with the cap on all night and all of most days except when working outside or going to town. At first I felt the rate of healing was very rapid, but after a couple of months it did not seem to be helping so after no improvement for a while I quit doing it. I don’t know if PEMF can help with perforated ear drums, but it appeared so.

have you tried next stacking and doing one side or stacking two pairs on a splitter at medium setting?

No, I just put one coil right over each ear. The target seemed small to put them side by side and close enough to not require stacking, but I’m sure these assumptions could well be wrong.

there should be 4 power settings on the A9. It’s been recommended that, contrary to what is generally thought, less is more. Too much, depending on what that is, will have no effects. I’ve certainly found that. usually the #2 level is the optimal for me.

Thanks Peter,
I think this is a good suggestion and it fits with what I’ve been hearing. I wonder how using a lower power setting would compare with changing the battery frequently. As the battery loses charge does that reduce the power output in the same way as the switch?

great question, and one I’ve been wondering myself. I think I read somewhere recently a recommendation to change the batteries every 3-4 hours for this reason, but I can’t find the source again. I’ve decide to do it anyways. I have about 5 batteries anyway, so it’s no problem.