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PEMF Questions Regarding Cervical Herniated Disc


I am new to all of this so I apologize for being unaware if this information is already out there. I started using the M1 blue device a few weeks ago and I have noticed it has helped a decent amount with pain while wearing it. It doesn’t seem to last though once I remove the device. I am using the standard protocol it comes with and wear it about 8 hours a day with (2) 4 hour intervals. I am placing it behind my neck above where I believe C6/C7 to be as that is where I have a bad herniated disc causing cervical radiculopathy down my left arm. I have the rings stacked one on top of another also which I think is what was reccomended. Can anyone let me know if I am doing something wrong or if I should continue doing what I am doing and hopefully in time I will see better lasting results. Thanks so much for any and all help!


Hi Zac,

It sounds like you are having positive results, so I suggest you stick with what you are doing now. The longer you use the device, the longer you will give for your tissues to recover. The recovery process is not magical, it really takes time for tissues to recover. ICES-PEMF helps this process by reducing pathologic inflammation which can impede tissue recovery.

So realistically you might be looking at using the device for as long as you can every day and at night for a few weeks to really get the maximum amount of tissue recovery. Once recovered, the reports that I get indicate that about 80% of the time the recovery is permanent.

But it is vital to continue to use the device even after symptoms have subsided for at least a week or two, to assure that the tissue has plenty of time to recover fully.