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PEMF/PSA numbers and BPH

Dwayne had a thread related to his initial concerns about the potential for PEMF to either not help or possibly “encourage” a carcinogenic situation. (Bob’s response, put that latter concern to rest for me.) I’m trying to learn if anyone else has been trying to lower their PSA scores by long term exposure to PEMF and also reduce BPH. Lastly I’d love to be sure this is the best location for this post on this forum. Thanks!

what’s bph?

I’ve been pemf’ing detox organs whenever I’m not taking care of some immediate pain issue haha

how it helps? I can’t tell, but trust it will since I can’t measure metrics by that alone. I’m recently changed my diet and exercise regimen, so that will make big changes in my biometrics as everything improves.

Don’t have the PSA numbers, but two 65+ relatives with very enlarged prostates have found great benefit sitting on double stacked coils placed at the perineum. For both it reduced frequency of urination resulting in better sleep. I have tried it and for me it does help me fully empty the bladder and increase urination flow rate. Haven’t had a PSA test / BPH measurement, so can’t speak to any personal changes there.

Been there done that with 100% positive QoL results post therapy. Watchful waiting advice - get it early and one of the better diagnostic tools is the Fusion Guided biopsy where as a coil is inserted and then assists with the ultrasound and additional imaging equipment to detect exactly where to assist the urologist in aiming the needles to get the sample.

This helps reduce the situation where the biposy grabs 12 samples and none come with positive results. I had this biopsy on my third try at 60yo and they found a spot less than 1/4 in size and it came back Gleason 7.

I was a candidate for Proton Beam Radiation Therapy, and as stated NO PROBLEMS in all areas of concern post therapy.

Get it EARLY is you best bet.

What settings did you use and how long was the treatment session?

Omni 8 or Alpha, power 9, sitting on it over perineum for a couple hours a day (or longer if you sit a lot). I have also had extremely strong success with Pectasol-C (I am taking 5g twice daily) in reducing prostate and bladder inflammation since my post in July. I think reading up on the Pectasol-C prostate studies and trying both could be a good idea.

Thanks to your posts I have tried this and those settings tho not able to do many hours a day. Nevertheless, clearly has helped, decreasing nocturia from 4 to 2 so far. Only other addition has been sulfurophane but I may try the Pectasol. Thx for these posts.