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PEMF Mat for sleeping / autoimmune

Hello new member here - Glad to join this forum.

I just purchased an A-9, and I am searching for a mat to sleep on. Like other members mentioned, we are all waiting for Mr. Dennis to make a fully body mat.

I am looking for a mat to sleep on/treat for mild autoimmune disease. I recently diagnosed with Mixed connective tissue disease – pending for a second opinion. I was recommended by a doctor to buy Curatron multi flash 4,000 gauss - but the price is totally out of my reach.

Too many options out in the market/social media and misinformation.

Some mentioned to buy one with high intensity (over 500 gauss) for treating autoimmune and for general health.

Some mentioned high intensity is No good for a long-term daily use (i.e sleep on all night).

Some suggested to get a low intensity mat for daily home use, then get high intensity treatments at doctor office (i.e. PULSE XL PRO)

Any personal experience regarding the intensity? and recommendations as to which on to buy would appreciate it.