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PEMF for Anti-aging

Is anybody using PEMF for anti-aging purposes?
If so what equipment and method are they using regarding PEMF?

In my family’s experience, our most important driver for anti-aging beyond eating a low inflammatory diet is resolving endotoxemia, which is high toxic load due to endotoxins produced by dysbiotic bacteria in the gut microbiome. I have used ICES PEMF extremely successfully to shift the gut microbiome in my family. I recommend you look for my other posts on this topic. Clear Air, Clean Water, Clean Food, a Healthy Gut, Sunlight, Exercises and a good night’s rests are the fundamentals that matter.

I think I should have worded the question better. So here goes.
Is anyone using PEMF for anti-aging purposes?
If so what equipment and methods are they using regarding PEMF ?
Excluding the use of minerals, vitamins, mindset, exercise, photobiomodulation, water,low carb diet, lifestyle,religious beliefs and psychic healing.

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Hi Dr. Bob,
What is your opinion on the use of PEMF full body mats for general health maintenance e.g. daily or weekly use if you are an otherwise healthy person? I was specifically looking at the Hugo Pro as advertised on DrPawlik.com.
King regards,
Sy Coolidge Pierre,M.D.

I’m interested in this as well. @Bob

I bought the mat conveniently offered by Fluxhealth, and of course, this earlier question from many months ago refers to the mats sold by other companies. Interested in thoughts about mats for overall wellbeing.

I have more than enough small areas to target myself.

@sypierre and @RealThing, apologies for the delay in responding to the original post from April '22. This one did not show up on my radar until @RealThing commented on it a moment ago.

My opinion: I think “whole body” PEMF mats for general use to promote health and well-being is probably a good thing. I do not see any downside to it, and there are potential benefits.

My concerns are technical and arise when PEMF marketers make claims about their powerful, “whole body” mats.

First and foremost, there is no such thing as a whole-body PEMF mat. Not one that is commercially available and covers the “whole body” with therapeutic levels PEMF. Magnetism simply does not work that way. It would be extremely difficult to generate a magnetic field around an entire human adult. To understand why, you would need a degree in physics because it is complicated. For most people, you will either believe me, or not, and we’ll leave it at that. And honestly, you do not need to flood your entire body with PEMF to get great benefits.

So, my concerns relate to the fraudulent claims of PEMF marketers, which is an entirely separate matter from the fact that most commercial PEMF systems seem to work pretty well. The fraudulent claims are entirely unnecessary because PEMF clearly works, and there is no need to lie about it.

This marketing fraud is what happens when a bunch of ignorant, low-integrity marketers scuffle over who can grab your hard-earned cash. The most intelligent way to utilize such claims is as a proxy measure of the integrity of the marketers you are dealing with.

Specifically: wild claims for their PEMF product = red flag to indicate low-integrity marketers.

So, my overall advice might be:

  • “whole body” PEMF mats are probably good to use for overall health and well-being.
  • Among the many PEMF mats that are available on the market, avoid the ones that make questionable claims.

Thank you @Bob much appreciated.

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pemf is a great adjunctive therapy… from what i’ve read in papers and anecdotes, it helps optimize cell, system, body functions from circulation to detox allowing the body to repair itself unimpaired.

oxidative therapy, oxygen therapy, exercise, supplements, red light therapy, diet, etc… they’re all great ways to improve health. in a way they are anti-aging in that they promote healthy cells.

with that in mind, wouldn’t pemf be just another tool for improving health? I have come to see it as an energy/radiation supplement (i.e., red light, ultrasound, etc) just as there are dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc) and even gas supplements (i.e., h2, o2).

perhaps the only true thing that can be considered “anti-aging” would be use of stem cells to repair/replace damaged parts of the body. i’ve read wonderful promise in the use of stem cells and even cases where people have benefited gaining back full range of motion for damaged joints.

to answer your question, i’m using pemf beyond acute injuries… I’ve been using more as a daily supplement for liver, eyes, heart, spine… unfortunately, i don’t have a protocol to follow/share nor do i have specific metrics to gauge impact. i can only go by symptoms, sense of wellness, vitality…

when i collect enough of these devices, i’ll be using them over most important parts of my body. i can’t wait for a full body mat to come out if it ever does, so i’ll work w/what i have.

is it worth using beyond treating injuries? I certainly think so. It’s the hidden supplement that everyone should know about.

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@OptimalHealth It’s been a few years since you wrote this, so you’re probably already aware that there’s been some interesting research on PEMF and stem cell differentiation proliferation since 2019. Here’s a Google scholar search that I just did:


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