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PEMF for Anti-aging

Is anybody using PEMF for anti-aging purposes?
If so what equipment and method are they using regarding PEMF?

In my family’s experience, our most important driver for anti-aging beyond eating a low inflammatory diet is resolving endotoxemia, which is high toxic load due to endotoxins produced by dysbiotic bacteria in the gut microbiome. I have used ICES PEMF extremely successfully to shift the gut microbiome in my family. I recommend you look for my other posts on this topic. Clear Air, Clean Water, Clean Food, a Healthy Gut, Sunlight, Exercises and a good night’s rests are the fundamentals that matter.

I think I should have worded the question better. So here goes.
Is anyone using PEMF for anti-aging purposes?
If so what equipment and methods are they using regarding PEMF ?
Excluding the use of minerals, vitamins, mindset, exercise, photobiomodulation, water,low carb diet, lifestyle,religious beliefs and psychic healing.

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Hi Dr. Bob,
What is your opinion on the use of PEMF full body mats for general health maintenance e.g. daily or weekly use if you are an otherwise healthy person? I was specifically looking at the Hugo Pro as advertised on DrPawlik.com.
King regards,
Sy Coolidge Pierre,M.D.