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PEMF device and settings to mimic the popular Somniresonance sleep device


This came across my info feed recently from some ‘influencer’ by the name of Ben Greenfield: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com

It’s called the Somniresonance SR-1 and it’s appears to be using EM fields to induce and promote sleep: https://www.deltasleeper.com

Have you heard of it? I’m curious as to what fields and waveforms are being employed to allegedly induce sleep. Do you have any insights into what they’re doing?

FWIW, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Its just a basic delta wave, without the right electro-magnetic waveform parameters to assure a reliable biological effect. If they do not tell you exactly what they are doing (if they did you would not need to ask me), it is probably because it is super simplistic, or they do not even know what they are doing. The secret of PEMF is that there really are no hidden secrets of PEMF; no magical frequencies or secret waveforms. Many PEMF products in the last 5 to 7 years use the waveform I developed because I make it very clear what it is and they just copy it because it works. So, they may have taken a crack of copying what I am doing, but I think it more likely they just are using a simple pulse generator (which might work, sometimes, a little bit).

A 30-day money back guarantee is just a way to get products into people’s hands. Even when they do not work, ~ 30% of people think they do (placebo), about a third will not even get around to seriously trying them within the 30-day period, and thus they feel “stuck” with it (their fault), many just lose interest and forget to return it, and many feel like they just need to try it more and “maybe it works(?)”, so since the money is already spent, they just keep it. Even if you sold an inert block of plastic, you would only get a certain % of them returned within 30 days. And very often, the return process is not as simple as advertised at the time of sale.

Even I am bad about this as a consumer: if I buy something that is a piece of junk, I usually just put it somewhere and chalk it up to the “tuition of life”, and hope to be smarter next time.

As for the device performance: I used to measure and characterize PEMF devices on the market. But usually they are so poorly designed, built, and calibrated, that their performance will change quite a bit from lot-to-lot. Some companies have no Idea what they are selling, an therefore have no way to exert quality control. I know this, because several have actually contacted me and asked me to calibrate and characterize their PEMF product because they do not know how to themselves.

Influencer: I have given two interviews to this particular influencer, one was done back-to-back with Bill Pawluk. We had a great expert back-to-back with lots of useful information. But Bill and I ended up getting cancelled out by his interview with a guy who was a used car salesman who recently “got into the PEMF business”. He had a great toothy smile and the Dunning-Kruger self confidence of an uneducated 20-something who had spent a weekend Googling something to become an “expert”. But he said all the things the influencer wanted him to say to really sell-sell-sell, with no depth of content more than statements such as “our PEMF can fix that!!” or “it will make you (stronger, smarter, faster).” I think the influencer eventually did get around to posting some of what Bill had to say, but it was clearly second-priority to the used car salesman guy.

He was not interested in our product because we would not make statements that it drives your athletic performance up to 110%!!, and nonsense like that. He gave me the impression that we really would not appeal to the demographic of his listeners. He seems to be happy to use our technology for his own injuries (he assures me that he would not travel without one), but not to promote it, because we also did not offer a huge affiliate fee for each sale attributed to his interview. Overall my impression of him was not positive, but a lot of people like him, so I could be wrong.


Wow Bob. That’s quite a response. Thank you.

I figured is was something as simplistic as a Delta waveform, but as you aptly stated, without any specifics as to the field strength, shape, direction, etc. I’ve already had problems with this guy on some other things he’s pushing health wise. He’s like most guys on the internet, just looking good and selling others’ work through their slick internet marketing.

That’s why I search long and hard to find people like you and Dr Stacey who actually doe the research and use the technologies to accomplish real results. Sadly, too many people are too eager to grift other’s work and sell their inferior 2nd hand information and unproven products to the unsuspecting.

BTW, I only mentioned the 30-day guarantee to suggest it would be possible to get one of these units and reverse engineer it with some meters and oscilloscope.

So, is anyone improving sleep with the M1 or other PEMS device? What’s you experience with PEMS in the sleep domain?


I have reverse engineered many PEMF systems. It is quite sobering to do so.
I just did another “new” one last week in fact.
In my experience, these are almost always just very basic and usually very primitive circuits that could be built for about $10, and they sell them for thousands and make crazy claims. My advice to you if you decide to try a reverse engineering: expect to be very disappointed and unimpressed by their “technology”. But it is definitely worth doing, just brace yourself for the “there is no Santa Clause” moment. Just like Ralphie in the movie “A Christmas Story”, when he discovers the Ovaltine decoder ring marketing scam, you will come away from the PEMF reverse engineering experience a little bit wiser and more worldly.

No reverse engineering for me. I have neither time nor desire for that kind of thing anymore. I just want to help people to heal and be healthy – myself included. So I spend enormous amounts of time sifting through the massive pile of crap to find a few rare jewels of value. I think you’re one of those jewels.

I believe you’ve looked at enough of these made-for-amazon type devices. So, I defer to your expertise. I’ve had plenty of Ralphie moments with all manner of things.

In reply to your question about sleep—I did use the M1 because I felt my sleep was not deep sleep and I did not feel rested in the morning. On my first couple of nights using the M1 on delta waveform I set the intensity too high and slept very deeply for 14 and 12 hours respectively. On the third night I set it way low at 4 I think and had a deep restful sleep for 8 hours. After that I did not need it and have slept well ever since. I speculate that this is due to entrainment, meaning, the device “taught” (ie “entrained”) my brain to effectively produce delta waves.


PS I simply placed the coils under my pillow because I sleep on my back and reasoned that they would be under my cranial occipital region where I wanted them. If I were a side sleeper I maybe would have used a headband to hold them where I wanted them…


Relgie. Your answer is so helpful. The PEMT device I now have uses the term entrainment to mean something else - gobbledygook- I had to stop using the company even though I had NO idea what I would do without a sleep device (I wanted a back up when mine went out as they always did). This company (to my utter dismay) pulled a bait and switch coupon on me which was quite substantial, as the device I intended to purchase was around $1,100. But some research brought me here and I’m looking forward to purchasing a micro-pulse device soon. Thanks for the feedback!

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I’m glad I was able to help Eliza. My initial interest in the M1 was for knee fibrosis and it was quite effective for that. So, noticing that the M1 did have a setting for delta waves (which of course are associated with deep, restful sleep) and also knowing about entrainment from my neurology research I reasoned my sleep might benefit from it on the delta setting. What surprised me was how fast it worked! As I mentioned I did set it too high initially because it was under my pillow so I thought that might reduce its effectiveness but really I only needed a very low setting which was different from the fibrosis which required a high setting. As an aside the fibrosis was astonishing because many people with that affliction become quite crippled by it whereas I am now very active. Another aside, as Bob has alluded to many times, this is not a miracle device and mainly it seems to reduce inflammation. Although, I don’t think the sleep application has anything to do with inflammation so I have to think about that. Anyway, best of luck!

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It’s nice to try to connect the dots so to speak, I’m dealing with age related issues, I never had trouble sleeping until mid life. The Earthpulse device I have is supposed to be sophisticated with different modes. Initially, it did increased my stamina a hundredfold but after about three years that leveled off. The device never helped my joint inflammation issue in my knee (how to wrap a hockey puck-like ring around my knee and sleep, even flat, under a pillow didn’t work). I’m using their device now only for the sleep mode which is probably just a delta wave setting. For the inflammation, increasing my Vitamin D3 levels immediately relieved most of the joint pain. (it took my knee a little longer). You’ve inspired me to get an x-ray. It would be nice to have a diagnosis, I keep putting it off. With regards of inflammation, without a good night sleep, I hurt all over, joints and muscles so in that respect a sleep device does help. It’s wonderful that you’ve found relief from your fibrosis and I’m convinced the potential for healing is there. When one is relieved of suffering, to me that’s a miracle, like when my knee inflammation subsided because I neglected to keep up my Vitamin D3 level - that was a miracle to me, I limped around for six months before I decided to get my blood work done, self diagnosing my problem (I won’t go there). Maybe that was my karma and I was supposed to suffer for six months - who knows, it’s behind me now and it’s onward and upward! Thank you so much for sharing your insight and valuable time.


As always, thanks for your honesty, Dr. Bob. I read a lot on PEMF before learning about you and your work. Your integrity stands out above all others I have talked with or purchased from.

I know that giving praise to someone is not always welcomed, or desired, but I will say this: God bless your efforts to spread this field of ICES. I believe firmly that this type of instrumentation is needed in the world of medicine, where too many have been squashed, humiliated and even put out of business by “leaders” who sometimes seemed to have anything but the public needs in mind.


Actually, I do really appreciate the feedback, and I take praise as an indication that I am really helping people. So it is helpful for me to know what people really think.

People’s responses are not always positive, but then again, I do frequently need to tell people things they do not want to hear, such as “we do not know”, or “that claim is probably fraud”, or “that is not really how it works.” These of course are just my opinions, and I could be wrong, but I have come to accept the fact that I really can’t help anyone who is not receptive to an honest, considered, scientific opinion.

But in the final analysis, when I am able to help people, it is very helpful for me to know how much it is appreciated. Thanks.


Thank you Bob, this is my first post, and after much reading I am glad to feel I can trust you to be honest. You have filled in background info on this influencer, that corroborates my deep suspicion of this individual, following an earlier introduction to him on a webinar. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but I really appreciate honest feedback to beware…

What was the placement of the rings when you achieved this improvement in sleep? I would be grateful if you could share this with me!!

Recently, I began having disrupted sleep for the first time in a long time so once again I placed the coils inside the pillowcase under the pillow on the delta waveform intensity 4 and immediately I slept quite well again. So the placement of the coils was not precise, just inside the pillowcase.

For those who tried Delta waves under the pillow, are you saying that it worked through the entire pillow? It sounds like that is what you are saying but just wanted to be sure. And did you use 2 coils? Have you tried the 4 coils? I have the P9 which is like the M1, for reference.