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PEMF Cons (reasons not to use it)

Is there a possibility of pemf used on the head causing more harm than good? I’m particularly referring to the micro pulse products.

You can harm yourself with anything. It depends on how badly you abuse it.

There is essentially no evidence, at least none that I am aware of, of long-term harm from any PEMF device if used properly, even very high-intensity systems used on the head.

But some people are so creative that they can harm themselves and others with even the safest things.

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haha… I’m creative, but fortunately, so far, not in that way! :smile:

when experimenting with eyes, i felt some discomfort (headache) pressure using it for more than 45 mins at high stacked.

fortunately, you (i) didn’t have to ask the forum if i should stop using it that way and learned/adjusted after thinking that maybe i should discontinue what caused me discomfort.

i have not had any damage from using pemf… specifically micro-pulse, BUT i have this obsessive tendency to use pemf for just about anything and everything that my wife might argue that micro-pulse has caused harm in a behavioral way… some call it passion, others call it obsession… i guess it depends who you ask about my “problem” or “passion” …

I’m healing from an old (1976) diffuse axonal injury from a motorcycle accident at age 14. I am 61 now. I bought the C5 with the pad in april 2023 and have been using it since then. It has helped me more than my hyperbaric chamber and more than lasers. I put the pad in my pillow all night long. I have started using the pad on top of my head while using lasers on my neck and this is REALLY helping.

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