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Pemf and Sea Buckthorn

I found these articles and am wondering if they are synergistic?


I have been using Sea Buckthorn for 7 years and I just recently started my 14 year old daughter on it (1 week ago) due to some digestive and skin issues that she has. She started the ICES-PEMF 2 days ago.

I guess I will have to wait and see…

I should note my daughter is on a very low dose of seabuckthorn (200 mg berry oil, 50 mg seed oil -1 capsule , adult recommended dose is 4 capsules).

I am wondering if anyone else takes supplements with while doing ICES-PEMF?

@Kayrem, any progress report that you can share on the impact of ICES-PEMF for your daughter?

Hi TajD- no I have nothing to report on my daughter. It is a struggle to get her to wear it and if there are no results in a short period of time she loses interest. My husband on the other hand has been using the unit for the last 2 days and is convinced it is helping him with a weird medication side effect. His hands got all red and swollen. He wore it on both hands day yesterday for a few hours and his hands looked considerably better. He then slept with it on one hand and that hand looked almost normal today.