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PEMF and Hip joint prosthesis

Does anyone have input concerning using PEMF after total hip joint replacement?
My prosthesis is titanium with a ceramic head and a plastic liner in a titanium socket.

Hi, sorry but for some reason I did not see this post until just now or I would have responded much sooner.

I had a total left hip replacement in April 2000. I told my surgeon that I planned to use my PEMF system before and after surgery. He was skeptical but supportive and was interested to discuss it with me.

He did note that my recovery was exceptionally good, and he was stunned to see that I returned the pain meds (oxycodone, of course) to him after just a few days. I didn’t need them. Not only this, but the soft tissue recovery was excellent, and even the surgical scar is almost entirely gone.

Basically I used the M1 on my hip all day every day for a week before the surgery, and then most of the day and all night after surgery, even while I was at the hospital as soon as I got out of recovery.

I personally also think that all aspects of the total hip replacement were excellent, and much of this can be attributed to the skill of my surgeon.

I discuss my experience at length elsewhere in this forum.