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PEMF and frequencies

Just found this incredible practical forum and ICES site.

Read very interesting article of Bob Dennis here https://www.micro-pulse.com/blogs/news/12-things-you-need-to-know-about-pemf-and-ices-technology

The information about frequencies, however, differes with my experience. The influence of frequencies on brain, mood, sleep is great. There is a clear brainwave entrainment, and there is a big difference between 4Hz or 10Hz for example. There are several devices on the market which promote sleep or consciosness change (like more focus) with PEMF. Personally I tried EcoSleep https://www.sleepneurotech.com/en/ - was not very much happy with it, but frequencies matter for sure. I could feel them.

Perhaps I don’t understand. Could anybody explain me why Bob says that frequencies don’t matter?


Yes, of course. Brainwave entrainment is very different from the physiological effects of PEMF on basically all other tissues. Brainwave entrainment can also be done with direct current electricity, light, sound, even tactile stimulus.

PEMF can also elicit brainwave entrainment, but as a secondary effect. The primary effects of PEMF arise from an entirely different biophysics and have entirely different physiologic effects and clinical applications. They do not depend on precise or narrow ranges of frequency. For the primary effects of PEMF on all tissues, not including brainwave entrainment, the claims of precise frequencies are baseless pseudoscience and marketing fraud.

Bob, thanks for your answer.

However, if we consider the device like a PEMF mat (big enough) or a small but powerful PEMF device which will “reach” the brain - then it will automatically produce brainwave entrainment, won’t it?

And as our brain is like a CPU for our whole body so it will influence physiologic effects, won’t it?

I mean that brainwave entrainment shall not be neglected - and then frequency choice may influence the whole thing.

They are separate effects, but if you apply PEMF in such a way that you will influence both, by wearing PEMF coils on your head or placing your head on a PEMF mat, for example, then you would expect to see both effects.

But that does not mean that they are necessarily “the same thing”, or that everything in the body is connected, so they are always somehow coupled together. Physiologically, the effects are quite distinct, and I have written about this, posted it on YouTube, and given scientific talks on this basic reality as it relates to PEMF.

The bottom line is: if you are using PEMF in a way that it directly impacts your CNS, you should also consider the potential effects of brainwave entrainment. In this case, it is helpful to select a frequency range that your brain finds to be pleasant, while your tissues respond to the entirely different effects of electro-magnetic induction.

This strategy works well principally because your other tissues do not require a precise frequency to get benefits from PEMF, and therefore you are at liberty to select a frequency range that is beneficial for both effects: brainwave entrainment and PEMF inductive tissue stimulation.

I have written about this in many other locations. And because ICES-PEMF is not really primarily designed to promote sleep, though many people use it for that purpose, it is necessary for each individual to find which brainwave entrainment frequency band works best for them, individually, to enhance sleep. I have watched people argue very strongly that the best wave form for sleep is:
(and a few others)
Who is correct: everyone, and no one. Individuals clearly respond differently, and contrary to much of the published science, this phenomenon is quite diverse among individuals.