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Pelvic floor strengthening to cure incontinence

I had prostate cancer and had my prostate surgically removed, this caused me to have some minor urine leakage, my cancer returned, to treat it this time I had Proton Radiation. Now I have a more severe leakage problem. Can anyone suggest coil placement and A9 settings to treat my pelvic floor?

generally speaking we apply the coils to the problem area that we need healing… if you are targeting deep beyond surface of skin/muscle, you would want to stack the coils. you face the coil like to like surface (ie, bumpy to bumpy) stacked and set the intensity anywhere from M to X… you’ll have to experiment to see how things go.

for example, when i want to reach my liver, i set at H with stacked coils and sleep on them for 6+ hours… some people go as high as 12+hours and some day and night. you have to be consistent and use it daily for the bigger problems that need longer to heal.

I’m sure you’ll get additional feedback here, but for deeper coverage, the above configuration is what is recommended for some benefit from ices… again, your miles may vary as everyone start at different levels with different conditions and severities of issues…

I have heard people tell of good results from stacking the coils bumpy side to bumpy side, taping them together, them placing them directly on the perineum.

Thanks, Bob I’ll do that.

Thanks for your reply.