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Pediatric Amplified Muscle Pain

New to the forum and PEMF also. Researched quite a bit and decided to try the ICES. My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome in Oct. of 218. I suspect she has Pots also. Pain syndrome runs in the family on my husband side. In fact pediatric pain runs in the family (out of 6 kids on one side 3 developed pain syndromes in teen years - 2 at age 13 and 1 at 14). Later as these kids matured into adults they were were diagnosed with fibromyalgia .

I am wondering where do you put the coils on? Every part of her hurts. She definitely has circulation issues with the pots (her legs get red and swollen from blood pooling). She has always has bowel issues and her doctor in Calgary figures that was were it started.

I read Bob’s post about putting it “where it started” but I am a bit nervous because I also read someone else’s post about having a lot of side effects from abdominal placement. My mother-in-law has had fibromyalgia since her 40’s (almost 40 years now) and she has had IBS longer than that.

This is definitely an experiment but I feel like the clock is ticking on her. I am just interested in some insight on placement and lengths of time. I know I will definitely start off at the low setting because even though there are almost no side effects I am worried that it will be hard on her. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Most people report to me very good outcomes with abdominal placement after the first few days, but if you still have concerns, consider trying the coil placement on the first non-abdominal area that started having problems.

For my CRPS (inside left leg mostly), which is now entirely gone, it did require daily use for several hours using 2x2 coil arrays, daily for about three months. But anything is better than CRPS, and using the pads while I relaxed before bed time was not really difficult.


I put my 10yo on ICES about 3x a week for his gut - while he’s doing his homework. This is more for general health than it is for any specific ailment. If you’re not sure where to start, I’d encourage the gut as well for a few reasons:

her dr’s feedback;
the gut has 1. become a g

  1. her dr’s feedback

  2. in the last 10 years, the gut/microbiome has become a great focus of study and noted as a great influence one’s immune system;

  3. family history (dad’s side and grandma having fibro) - hopefully you can nip it at the bud by healing her gut - starting at the gut

RE: my 10yo’s experience, for the 1hr i put him on ICES, he feels a sense of wellness and shortly after he has a bowel movement - he used to never go daily, but having him on ICES, he is more regular. There is the possibility of experiencing some nausea or stomach discomfort if your gut has a lot going on (needs to clear pathogens). This is what happened with my other son who’s 14… took him a few days for hours at a time (his homework takes longer :wink: ), but now he feels great when using on his gut.

I don’t prep my kids on what to expect nor did i know what to expect, so I would rule out placebo effect… plus this has helped both of them and myself in similar ways. I think the key is consistency. She may not experience immediate relief, but if she can sleep with it, I’m sure the benefits will come.

I use ICES daily anywhere on my body and often on my abdomen just above my pubic bone for my prostate. I think that PEMF is great.
But gut health is something you should work on separately. Watch this video on how the gut affects your whole body and 10 things you can do to improve your gut.

Also be aware how glyphosate and gluten cause leaky gut, and how prevalent glyphosate is in our food supply and wider environment. Moms across America has lots of information on glyphosate, and products that might help.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I got the device yesterday (really great service Micro-Pulse!) and tried it on her last night. And in spite of watching the videos 3 times I still got the bandage turned around and had the bumps against her skin instead of away! I don’t think I wrecked the machine because the green light still came on for everything.

It is interesting what you say about leaky gut because she has been tested for celiac’s disease 2 times but each time she was not eating gluten and both tests came up negative.

Lots of autoimmune issues on both sides. I have asthma and had breast cancer in my 40’s. My husband and his brother have type 1 diabetes’s (both diagnosed in their early 20’s) and his sister is heading down the fibromyalgia path like his mom. So three kids and all with issues.

I am hoping this helps her a little until we have time to address the gut issue. I am doing an organic acids test on her and a GI Map and we will see what they have to say.

Actually it doesn’t matter if bumpy side is against skin or away, as long as Both coils are positioned the same, either bumpy sides or smooth sides against skin. And you can get a free extra treatment of hands by placing them on top of the coils since the EM pulse shoots off coils in both directions … Acupuncture meridians are most exposed at hands and feet so good opportunity for EM charge intake there.

correct, bumpy sides either both facing in or out when side-by-side, or bumpy sides together when stacked. I usually simplify to “Bumpy sides away from skin…” because you later can feel the bumps through bandages to verify correct placement.

+1 on previous posts on importance of gut health.

In our case, we had to sparingly use M1 on the gut or risk having strong dieoff symptoms from known pathogenic bacteria and excessive yeast, so are supporting the gut in other ways before using the M1 more on the gut. I believe M1 helps positively shift our gut microbiomes, however in our case drainage and detoxification support must be in place and must go slow (a few minutes with M1 on power 3 per day at first). Have also focused on supporting the gut more before proceeding with removing the pathogenic organisms. We have found Pure Sunbutyrate-TG liquid (much more effective than Bodybio Butyrate) and Zach Bush’s IonBiome (formerly Restore4Life) to be helpful in supporting tighter gut protein junctions and have seen marked improvement in several inflammation markers on stool tests and symptoms after using these. We are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and eat only organic - which has been a key part of our foundation.

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Hi, I hope you daughter is doing well, can you give us an update? is she feeling better now?

Hi Nadia. Thanks for asking about my daughter. Things have still not changed up much from the last time. She still has racing heart upon standing (went up to 168 bpm today), still has pain and not a lot of patience with my suggestions. I get it she is 14 and has felt like crap for the last 2 years ( almost 2 1/2…). And it’s winter up here in Manitoba…and even though this year so far has been so much more milder (-6 today) than last year (-28 degrees Celsius), it’s still colder than the summer and she is not comfortable at all.

She tried the ices for about 1 month, but never consistently and rarely 2 days in a row. I lent it to my father-in-law for a “suspected” herniated disk in his back and he is singing it praises so maybe when I get it back she will be more open to trying it again.

sometimes many of the autoimmune issues are symptomatic of external factors such as high toxicity from metals, mold, fungus, or other pathogens yet to be identified that aren’t really detected… common, but not acknowledged by mainstream medicine, parasites. such consideration is quickly dismissed and played off as delusion.

the symptoms you describe also match symptoms of such things, but of course, not everyone with those symptoms mean they have these problems. just another layer of confusion to figure out in the health puzzle. yet, these things shouldn’t be conveniently overlooked either.

+1 to OptimalHealth’s comment. Just got results back from GI Map test (I ordered at this link) and it is very helpful to have detailed data. I am also exploring the mold route with an ERMI test.

Hi - Thank you optimal, you are not the first to suggest a metals test for her (my sister-in-law suggested it last year). I am seriously thinking about it…
There is obvious autonomic dysfunction going on and I am struggling with how to deal with it.
I have an appointment with a cardiologist at the end of the month with her (just to confirm nothing more than POTS when her heart spikes) and I have purchased a Kardia mobile (6L) because I don’t like the thought that she has 1 shot (EKG in the doctors office) to convince him that she needs a holter monitor. I will do a few EKG’s when she is having her episodes to bring to him.
TajD -her GI Map, completed in March last year definitely showed some nasty stuff and I have the medication (Candibactin Ar and Br) to give her but I am trying to work up the courage to go forward. I can’t help thinking the die off from PEMF can’t be worse than the die off from the Candibactin? The PEMF use seems so much less intrusive than making her take that stuff.

@Kayrem, I have been dealing with rebuilding the upper and lower GI tracts for one of my children as well. It’s a work in progress. Have you tried using Bentonite Clay (I have learned can be taken with food) and Activated Charcoal (I have learned best to take 2 hours after eating to not absorb nutrients) to reduce the toxic load on her? This could possibly allow her to clear more toxins when shifting the biome.

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@Kayrem One more idea that has helped my family - have you tried using a vibration plate to help with unbinding NO / circulation?

Hi Taj - Thanks for the suggestion. I have been looking at purchasing a Hummingbird, which is similar to what you are suggesting just at a much lower vibration but Covid has kind of messed things up (for so many people so much more than for me …). Being in Canada limits my access to stuff.
I was fortunate that micropulse would deliver their unit to my house but I actually had to drive to Grand Forks (3 hours) to get the Maximal Power rechargable batteries. I have contacted the company and hopefully we can arrange something but other than that I will have to be patient.
On the plus side she is now asking for me to get the micropulse back from my father-in-law so she seems pretty intent on giving it a fairer shake, so I am really happy about that!