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OCR Athlete, Shoulder Pain, Plantar Fasciitis

Hi if this is not the place please relocate post.

I have been an OCR aficionate for 4 years, right after my 40 birthday, I was training for my first race, I did to much pullps and develop bursitis, the x rays shows a calcification that pinch the bursa on my right shoulder, after two month of a horrible pain that I wasn’t able to sleep even with opioids medications, I finally got the MRI approved, after the MRI, the pain was gone! I tell the doctor it was the MRI, he said it was just coincidence. So I start taking therapy in mornings and doing exercises and running in the afternoons with no problems.

but, afraid of hurting again my right shoulder, I over use my left shoulder in every race. developing pain in my left shoulder after every race.
since the first accident, every other day I search the web looking for answers to treat and prevent shoulder pain. I Have purchase about every massage, therapy thing its advice to be good on the web, call it red light therapy, copper bracelets, percussion massagers, ice pads, heat pads, vibration pads… to car buffers!

about a year ago, I was with a friend and she was speaking a bout a knee pain that was gone after just rest on a mattress on a natural health clinic. she doesn’t know what was the treatment was about, but I got the flash back about my shoulder pain and the MRI, start searching the web about “electromagnetic therapy for tendonitis” boom, and I found Dr. Paulk website that advertise the Micro Pulse A9.

After several month of reading I decide to buy the A9, I didn’t feel nothing. but after an OCR race, I had this little pain that usually its gone in 2 or 3 days with nothing more than ice. With the A9 was gone in just 1 day!

So I start using the A9 in my shoulders every time its hurts a little. But I was positioning the coils one on the front and one in the back. After more months of reading, I found a case of similar pain, and the cause was inflammation on the AC Joint, so I start placing the coils in the AC Joint with better results.

When the pandemic start, there was nothing to do, no jobs, no racing, so I start running all days about 90 miles a month, after 3 or 4 months I develop plantar fasciitis. A9 seems to do nothing, I tried every remedy on the web, nothing, until I found this web page that said don’t stop running or doing exercises after injury, because exercises increase blood flow, increase hormones’ productions, increase repair functions of the body, so after a year with a lot of pain, I start running again, pain level of 10 is gone in a couple of weeks to just level 1. Then I discover that if I run just 3 days a week with rest weeks between run days, pain stays level 1 or 2 just after running and it goes away with the car buffer before sleep.

so its has been a couple of years that with just the A9 on the Ac joint and the car buffer on my plantar fascia, i was able to run and train pain free!

until this past November, I was running the last 2021 race, finished 3rd overall !!!
decide to take a couple of weeks of, to start preparing the house for the holidays. after 2 weeks, joints start hurting…
I decide to start running again to keep the blood flowing, fasciitis pain came back.
Every time I do some body exercises, the next day both of my shoulders hurt if i raise my arms!

since then it is a fight of me trying to start doing exercises again and the pain stopping me!!!

A9 don’t seems to help, and the car buffer on the fascia helps only during night, but after a day of work, pains come back.

Last week, after a lot of reading, I decide to put the coils stack in just the left shoulder (the one hurting most), and the pain was reduced from 8/9 to 4/5
used for a whole day, changing batteries every 4 hrs and alternating location in the AC joint and on the side where the supraspinatus end, pain reduced to 2/3! but if I try to make pullups, pain comes back to 4/5

So I decide to buy the C5, since I think it have more power than the A9 and I can place stack coils on both shoulders at the same time.

are there positive testimonies of athletes back to training after using the A9 or C5?
has anyone got rid of fasciitis pain using the A9 or C5?

what are the best coils setup, locations of the coils on the body, C5 settings that seems to work the most?

Last but not least, my recent shoulder pain (and fasciitis) go worst after the vaccine shots, one on each shoulder. I have friends that are young, good health condition, healthy weight, that also develop shoulder pain after the vaccines!
Could the vaccines debilitate tendons or collagen tissue as other meds like cortisone shots?
There are documented cases of shoulder pain after vaccines supposedly because the persone applying the vaccine dint follow the right procedures. (google SIRVA)
can PEMF help shoulder recovery in such cases?

thanks you all!

on the fasciitis, year ago I tried using single coils one on each feet while sleeping, but it dint let me sleep. After about 15 min I have to remove the A9 and the coils in order to sleep.

when I decide to start running again after a year of fasciitis pain regardless all the the physical therapy took, I also read about Gua Sha (scrapping) and the importance of stretching the calf and legs to relive tension on the fascia. So right when I decide start running and doing exercise, to increase body blood flow, hormone productions, etc… I also start getting full body massage once a week, including Gua Sha in my feet, and doing yoga for the stretch. So it was the combination of the slow running 3 times a week, with yoga on Wednesday, and 90 min full body massage with Gua Sha every week that helps me recover at that time.
but doesn’t seems to work now :’(

Here is a previous post on Plantar fasciitis:

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I start using coils stacked with a sock on the plantar fascia of my right foot as it is the one hurting the most, with de A9 in low, during my 6 to 8 hrs of sleep.
during the day is almost imposible because real don’t have time or patience to sit still doing nothing.
at night Its is difficult for me to sleep as I can feel “the waves”? or ticking of the coils on my foot …
so the only way to use the A9 on my foot while sleeping is with a low 5mg dosis of medical cannabis edible. 3 days in a row, I make a little stretch on the mornings and press with thumb the point where it hurts the most, no progress at all so far on the pain, but I have not start running yet

hope with the C5 when it arrive and the double stack coils when it arrive I have more luck!

yes I read it, someone said the A9 cure him by using couple of hours a day the A9. but I tried it sleeping with it and it disturb my sleeping. I start using it 3 days ago while sleeping with 5 mg of a medical cannabis edible and it did the trick for me to sleep. time will tell if the A9 will help my case.
I saw you are using the C5 with power 9 on alpha while sleeping and its working for you. what coils are you using, single? stack? double stack? the 2x2?

For my plantar fasciitis, I used my M1 power 9 on alpha in a side by side configuration. My dog now gets the c5 full time on his sleeping pillow. It seems to help him a lot. When I first starting using the m1 while sleeping, I slept a bit poorly. I felt refreshed when I woke up but I could tell I was in and out of dreaming and consciousness. I have lowered my body’s overall inflammation a lot (see my other posts on how our family is dealing with endotoxemia) and I now have no issues sleeping while having the M1 going on my knee or foot (or right now my shin as I bashed it hard while working in the attic).

Just got an email that my C5 is on its way!

update on my plantar fasciitis
I took 4 shock wave therapies with a generic machine I bought on ebay. one every 3 days.
I scrap my plantar fascia with a stainless steel tool I bought for Gua Sha, after each shock wave therapy I can feel the bumpy things smaller.
couple of days after the 4th terapy, I can say pain was relief a lot, but still there, I can walk no pain, but if I press with my thumb it hurts, If I put any other shoes rather than Asics nimbus, there is a lot of pain at the end of the day and the only thing that relive the pain is the Ryobi 18v car buffer before sleep. I call it Oscillatory Massage Tool!
After sleeping with a pair of coil stack to my right foot, where it hurts the most, for 7 days in a row, A9 in low, I did a trail run, for my surprise, my right foot didn’t hurt while running, I got exited, put in a little more effort and my left foot start hurting a little so reduce the intensity. was able to run 4 miles!
that night, I went to dance, everything was sooth and happy, and when I was getting out of the car at home… there was to much pain in both feets!!!
Shoulder Pain:
During day, I use the A9 in my shoulders, one single coil on top of the AC Joint A9 on Hi, every other day I just stack the pair of coils on my left shoulder.
There is still to much pain when i lift the arms, tolerable in the right shoulder, but intolerable on the left shoulder. I have been using the A9 on my shoulders for more than 3 weeks in a row and there still to much pain on my left shoulder when I raise it.
Once the C5 arrive, I will use double stack coils on each shoulder to see if that helps better.
Or if any of you had Shoulder Pain when lifting the arms and got relief with pemf, please advice coils location, configurations, settings… etc…

C5 arrive, I will try to keep this post up to date on progress
Day one - put the 2x2 coils under the sleeping sheets, one under the feet’s, one under the knee, one under the lower back, one under the shoulder. can say of any improvement on pain, but, was curios as I can feel the different pattern changes… first nothing, then I can feel the clicks and that bother to sleep, then “cold blood?” like some kind of cold fluid, maybe an anti inflammatory effect?, then like my body was resonating at a certain frequency causing some king of “trance?” then the sensations repeat until I fall asleep about an hour latter. I can said next morning I feel like did sleep well.
I ran two days before, first 1 mile, it feels great, so one more and one more, I finish 4 miles! it feel great! today was rest day. all my legs where sore because all the weeks without running.

Day two- pain at legs, feet, shoulder, the same.
In the after noon I ran two miles, the first 100 mts feels very strange on my feets, like they where not my feets, never in my life I felt something like that. Knees hurts, they where not hurting before. So I start very slow thinking on my running pattern and took about 100 mts or more to loose that strange sensation. Dont know if it was related of sleeping the the C5.

at night put the 2x2 coils under the sleeping sheets, one under the feet’s, one under the knee, one under the lower back, one under the shoulder. Same as day 1

Day 3,
I place all 2x2 coils horizontally in my desk chair, so I can receive pemf in my shoulders while working
during night I place all the 2x2 coils under my feets, in a 2x2 patterns ( 4 single coils x 4 single coils) trying to releve the fasciitis. I do feel the waves and like they are doing something, maybe its just hope. Pain still the same…
rest day, no run
took full body massage at midday

Day 4 - my legs felt better at morning! pain at the plantar fascia where a little less during my 15 min morning stretch routine.
Placed 3 2x2 coils in my desk chair and one directly on my left shoulder making a sandwich with the 2x2 coil in the chair.

run 1.5 miles in the after noon slow pace, no pain, salsa dance in the night, instead of dance shoes, I use running shoes, no pain. for the last 3 or 4 years I always have pain when using casual shoes but no pain with running shoes… I think may be stop looking for miracle cures and just start using running shoes every day every place as it has work very well in the past to relieve, and I think, prevent, plantar fascia pain.

at night place the 2x2 coils under feets with delta, 9 power, I dont feel it work better than omni 8, so i will keep using omni 8.

next morning do the press with thumb test and couple of minutes of stretch, pain as usual in the fascia. delta pattern shows not superior benefit, at least the way I place the 2x2 coils under the sheets under the foots.

Day 5
continue using the 2x2 coils in the back of my desk chair so i can use omni 8, standard settings, all day while working. but this time, just 3 coils in the back, one at each shoulder and one at the middle, then I alternate the 4th 2x coil with in the front of the right shoulder then the left shoulder.

Start using coils inside shoes with the A9, I have plantar fascia pain in both feets so have to use single coil in each feet. its not confortable at all to walk with them, but, i spend spend a lot of hours sit. after a 10 or 15 min, I start feeling the “cold blood” feeling in my legs I had when placed the 2x2 coils under my whole body while sleeping. hope that means it is working!

so today I will have C5 with 2x2 coils for my shoulders and A9 with single coils inside shoes, under heels.

try to do some good shoulder stretch, when trying to stretch completely vertically my left arm, pain in shoulder where so bad some tears came out.

during night, place the 2x2 coils under bed sheets

day 6
pain under the foot when thumb press, little pain when first walking.
run 2 miles in the morning, so far so god, but not different when I start to run from zero without hurry, after vacations.

with the C5 on standard default settings, I place only 2 2x2 coils in the desk chair, one behind each shoulder, and on set of stack coils on left shoulder.
also, using the A9 at Hi, I am wearing the whole day one coil under each heel inside my socks.

Day 7, during morning stretch shoulder and plantar fascia pain still there :cry:
run 5 miles, feet and shoulder pain during first 50 to 100 mts at 13min/mile, then was able to run at 9:30 to 10
after stretch, breakfast and bath, I am wearing the A9, one coil at each feet. I was waiting for the C5 to do this, didnt want to realice the C5 is not portable. So decide to follow some people in the forum and start wearing the A9 with coils on feets. I did it a couple of times and stop doing it because feel no progress, but after read other people plantar fascia problem was gone after using the A9 on their feets all day long for several weeks, I am going to try using whenever I can for several weeks.

the C5 I am using it only when sleep with 2x2 coils under bed sheets, and in my computer desk for my shoulders.

at night, while giving a massage to the foots with a Ryobi car buffer alias “oscillatory massage tool”, the place where usually hurts the most, almost disappear! I have to dig a lot to find it! for first time in two years! I will continue to wear a coil in each foot during day and night!

First day of week 2:
I had a little pain while giving massage to te foots with a ball right out of bed. I place a coil under each foot to wear it during the day. when try to stretch the shoulders, left shoulder still hurting a lot.
Was feeling good on my feets, so put an air force one shows to dance some salsa, at the second they start to hurt. put the asiscs back, no pain at all. So the fascitis pain has reduced a lot, but the only shoe I can wear without pain are the asics…

after some salsa dance, the shoulders hurts…

2nd day, week 2:
single coils in each foot under the arc, for whole day use, using A9
double set of deep field coils, all in my left shoulder, using C5 default settings, shoulder is starting to hurt a lot, I just going to hold and meditate to dont think in the pain. I hope the pain means something inside is working to heal.

week 2 completed.
after using the A9 with coils in the feets, plantar fascia pain has reduced a lot!
but, just one night I dint sleep with the A9, the next morning it was hurting again.
also, when using shoes with no arch support pain comes back. I will be try using the A9 24/7 for another week on my plantar fascia.

but on the shoulder pain, after using the 2x2 coils with de C5 in my desk chair, and under the bed sheets while sleeping, there has been no progress at all.
I make some king of butterfly with the 2x2 coils and purchase a portable battery, so I can use the C5 and wear the 2x2 coils directly on my shoulders all day while in home office and while sleeping. Also I am going to start shockwave therapy with my Chinese machine on my shoulders, as I think that helps a lot with my plantar fascia.

week 3 completed.
Plantar Fascia: if I use A9 almost 24/7, I get almost complete relieve on my plantar fascia. I can wear it while working at home. but, when I have to go and work outside, I can not wear it and the pain comes back.
Shoulder Pain: … I really don’t know, it still hurts a lot. I am using two 2x2 coils in each shoulder, held together with rubber bands to form a butterfly. I purchase an external battery to wear the 2x2 coils on my shoulders and while working at home.

Week 4 completed
I am back to running! there is a little plantar fascia pain sometimes in the mornings and sometimes during the first mile. so I still using the A9 while sleeping on my foots.
But on my shoulder, they still hurt a lot! may be the C5 is not for my king of injury? may be not using the right coils the right way?
this week I contact some physical therapist that also are athletes, and they have almost everything on their facility, So I start seen them 2 times a week and I can say I am having improvements. I still using the 2x2 coils in a butterfly setup on each shoulder almost every day and almost every night, even while sleeping.

Note 1: So far I have not used the stacked coils on my feet while sleeping, like I intended to do so when purchased the C5 with a bunch of coils, because I am afraid I can damage the fragile coils or worst, the terminals on the C5, so until I find how to do it in a safe manner, I will stick with just the 2x2 coils under the sheets.

Note 2: I am using two big IR lamps almost every morning while during 15 min of shoulder stretches’ and shoulder strength exercises with a pair of 5 lbs dumbbells’. That put my back in to OCR races a couple of year ago after similar pain to shoulders happen, it took me about 3 month to recover 90%.
lets see if the combination with pemf make the recovery time faster

Note 3: Supplements I take. each morning with my coffee, bovine colostrum and mushroom extract powder.
also in pills, plant base multivitamin for mens over 40, plant base Iron, collagen, tumeric, msn with glucosamine.
at nights, plat base prostate blend, collagen, omega 3, tumeric, Ashwagandha

Iron is inflammatory - like pouring gasoline on your foot pain

too little of something my have negative effects
too much of something, may have negative effects
Iron is very needed, for oxygen transportation, healthy blood, etc…
In my case, my iron labs were almost 0 %!
So I do need supplementation, with the amount I am taking, the labs puts my iron and hemoglobin in the lower side, I may take a little more, but, all my Iron deficiencies symptoms disappear. So I still the the current dosis

To resume, its been a year,
I did use the PEMF devices un till October when finally all my shoulder pain disappear.
but its is important the fact that in July 2022 I start using peptides, BPC-157 and TB-500t, also 125 mg of test cyp per week. I think that combination put my body in a complete advance recovery phase!