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Obsessed with pemf or just aware?

since discovering the healing benefits of pemf for joint pain, and especially after discovering ices devices, I’ve been a tangle of wires most nights (5 out of 7 on average) working with at least 2 pairs at 5-7 hours during sleep.

my wife has commented on how “obsessed” i am by my consistent, regular use of pemf and the obvious tangle of coils at night. i am learning as I’m going for different parts of my body. i don’t feel anxious if i miss a night or two and have gone without for a week, but i was just wondering of those in the forum who have found the same benefit and utility of ices tech… how often do you use your devices a week and have you been called obsessed? i know asking other regulars in this forum if I’m obsessed could be as useful as the pot asking the kettle if it’s black, but have you heard comments from others who’ve observed your usage?

I’ve wondered… am i really obsessed? :thinking::astonished::grinning: … to gain some clarity, i looked up the word

preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.
“he was obsessed with the theme of death”
synonyms: preoccupy, be uppermost in someone’s mind, prey on someone’s mind, prey on, possess, haunt, consume, plague, torment, hound, bedevil, take control of, take over, become an obsession with, have a hold on, engross, eat up, have a grip on, grip, dominate, rule, control, beset, monopolize, be fixated, be preoccupied, be infatuated, be possessed, be haunted, be consumed, be plagued, be tormented, be bedeviled, be eaten up, be gripped, be in the grip of, be dominated, be beset, be hung up about/on, have a thing about, have a bee in one’s bonnet, be hipped

:thinking: this doesn’t take up too much of my time. initially with some learning curve of getting familiar and set up, i may have spent a lot of time, but that’s what i do with anything I’m interested in and getting familiar with. haha… part of me wonders if I’m justifying my behavior and what my wife accuses me of from time to time. :grinning::crazy_face: but seriously, maybe diligent, consistent, committed to keeping good habit is what i am guilty of. i think this is akin to being diligent in exercise or mindful of being hygienic. i do come to the forum at least 3x a week excited to see what’s new and i do enjoy participating. hmmm

are there many others here who use their device(s) beyond what they initially intended on a daily basis?

i personally think it’s wise to use pemf for different parts of the body on a daily basis. to me it’s just for health practice… like brushing your teeth and showering and exercising daily. obsessed?? I guess there are varying degrees and being called that (yes, recently), i thought to myself… it is a new routine I’ve adopted and i am still learning… just thought I’d write this out to help me think it through some and maybe open up a conversation…

“hi, my name is optimal and I’m a regular user of ices pemf tech”



I would say this. If the use of the devices interferes with your relationship with your wife, put them aside and focus on her. For example, if they interfere with your time with her, whether it is communication time, sexual time or washing the dishes time, I would put them aside until you have spent time with her.

But if her comments about being obsessed with PEMF are based on a belief that you are wasting your time on it and that you are being scammed, that is understandable, and that belief won’t go away until you get results that improve your life in some way.

Finally, you won’t know if you’re going to get results unless you keep trying. Then once you do get results that actually make a difference in your life, it becomes self-perpetuating. In other words, once you know it works for one thing, you want to try it for other things, and thereby you will discover new uses for PEMF-ICES that you hadn’t thought of or needed before.

I have about $20,000 worth of PEMF, ICES and Rife-type devices, and I wouldn’t have found ICES if I hadn’t kept believing in the PEMF-concept until I found one that worked.

God bless,

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well, I can say that I am obsessed with making it work, which has certainly had an impact on my other careers :confused:


thanks for your response… my “obsession” seems to be more from my discovery and learning of what pemf can do/help in health. these days my pemf attention is mostly spent at night at I’m winding down and sometimes like now catching up in the forum.

i think when something not “as established” as it is thru marketing and practice as mainstream health type idea/things, the learning curve and time for experimentation with something that shows great promise is necessary. nobody will educate us nor will care more about our health more than we will.

i wish i could make money just learning and sharing and applying the wonderful, natural, non-conventional things in health that actually work! i have come to realize unexpectedly that one of my hobbies and fascination/preoccupation seems to be exploring and discovering the effective, natural health gems outside mainstream health.

@Bob in your case, we are all fortunate your obsession is one that lend itself to benefiting the public. aside from being a raving fan and admirer of you and your products, i hope i can find my passion that can serve a need while making a living in the market like you do!


I think you could do a lot.
actually… now that you mention it, I will tell you a secret. I think this is just common knowledge, but no one seems to be willing to say it, so I will:

Many (most?) health “influencers” have no official credentials whatsoever.
Most started because they had a personal need, and nothing mainstream was working for them.
Most are self-educated about these topics because they have to be.
Many started with good intent, but most are just in it for the money.
And frankly… most have pretty limited knowledge.

I know a lot of these people, and it is clear to me that you know a good bit more than most.

So… drum roll…

I suggest you turn your passion and energy toward helping people with your knowledge by starting a blog/podcast/special tic-toc interpretive dance form, whatever is the best vehicle for your specific message. Seriously. I’ll tell you my formula:

1- I started with an inoperable back injury
2- I adapted some old tech I had developed for NASA in 1996 since nothing else worked.
3- I just tell the truth about it. Period.

I am sure you could carve out a space for yourself by just being genuine.

My 2 c


@Bob, You mean your professional golfing has suffered?!

I may do this, referring to what Bob said.

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well… my academic career has not been helped by this obsession. PEMF research is a stigmatized topic.

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Yes it is stigmatized. I guess I hadn’t thought about how that might have affected you, or how your peers or school management might view your continued research.

I for one am glad you continued your research, and my back is glad too. My wife, Betty, is wearing the B5 stack tonight. I hope it helps her back as much as it did mine.

thanks for your input…i have considered, but i think at the very least, I’ll document the things I’ve found to be helpful along with citations and anecdotes. it’d be a start i guess… just seems so overwhelming. definitely something to think about and start writing about


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It definitely can be overwhelming. There is a real Dark Side to all of this.

Briefly, I think the best answer is to stick with what you know and just resist the temptation to go beyond what you know. If you do not feel constantly pressured to sustain a lie, then you can keep your integrity and your stress level will remain very low. I have seen many friends and colleagues get sucked into the vortex of trying to say too much.


yes, with self esteem/ego in mind there is that balance of feeling like a non expert despite having decent info on a subject and feeling the pressure of knowing more and acting like an expert.

thanks again for the encouragement to honestly and authentically share. couldn’t agree with you more!

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Only because big pharma can’t benefit so they send out their trolls to squash it…