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New Videos 2022 (YouTube) - Suggest Topics

I think there are common messages you keep reiterating on the forum as new members join with similar questions. I think one category of videos (60-90 seconds in length) should be on “new to ICES PEMF” or “just bought ICES PEMF.” Would you like me to recap those messages with links in the forum?


Sure, if you want to gather links to the messages you think are repeated often that would make a good 90-second video topic, that would be great, very helpful, thanks.

You did a good series of videos with Aaron Coffey which might be good chopped into smaller bites (e.g., acupressure in conjunction with ICES, meridian points, do it yourself accessorizing, etc., e.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFlhMurkIac) These could be produced from the existing videos or remade in short segments summarizing topic/suggestions.

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These are excellent Ideas, thanks.

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If you are not going to discuss The competition, I hope you will be discussing exactly what someone should be looking for from a reputable company—the variables and parameters discussing high EMF not necessarily better.

I’m interested in learning whether PEMF and red light or laser therapy can be used together to enhance outcomes.

And it would be good if you could discuss Teraherz as there are Chinese companies targeting the Biohacker Tribe these days.

Can’t wait to learn what else you have to share with us.


This topic is probably too long for a short video, so here it is in print: (I may try to boil it down later for a video if I can keep it light)

Competition: I discuss this all the time. It is a moving target (as all scams are), so you need general tools, not specific condemnation of one product. Even if successful, they just slap a new sticker on it, rebrand it, and you start all over again. Its like playing whack-a-mole. So, no one can spoon feed the PEMF consumer: “This one is good, this one is not.”

The main tools you need will allow you to see more clearly to make an informed decision:

1 - Anything that feels like high-pressure sales or is cult-like, it probably is.

2 - Anyone who bases their sales on user testimonials: these are cherry-picked. Keep in mind: about 30% of positive responses are placebo. Combine that with other incentives and biases, and the math is pretty easy: If you want 10 great testimonials, all you need to do is ask for 30 testimonials and then just post the best ones. Unless you hear both the good and the bad aspects of a product, don’t believe testimonials.

3 - When a company posts hundreds or thousands of “scientific papers” to prove that their product works, this is misleading. These papers never relate to the actual product being sold. Real research on a relevant PEMF product may show, at most, a few peer-reviewed scientific papers. Most PEMF products have zero scientific basis.

4 - Any company that shows smiling elderly couples walking on a golf-course or a beach, free from pain: assume it is just the tip of the iceberg of marketing tripe.

5 - Glossy products, Bluetooth, iPad interface - more tripe

6 - FDA “listing”, check closely, they usually use loop-holes such as claiming their product is FDA-exempt as a “massage device”

7 - Claims to NASA technology, the International Space Station, space shuttle research, etc. - this is all fraud. I get paid royalties from NASA for every license granted for their TVEMF/PEMF technology, and I can prove it. Currently the only person with rights to this NASA technology for consumer use is me, the inventor.

8 - Claims of special, secret frequencies that you have to pay for - fraud.

9 - Claims of the use of precise frequencies. I have demonstrated many times that a range of frequencies works as well, and sometimes better, than one precise frequency.

10 - Claims of Schumann resonance having some special biological effect are also fraud. The guy who really started these claims is currently in prison in Chicago on unrelated criminal convictions. You will note that Micro-Pulse devices such as the M1 and C5 include Schumann frequencies so that people can experiment with them, but I make no claim that they have special resonant biological effects.

11 - Any claims related to quantum coupling, zero-point energy, dark energy, “scanning your genome”, tachyons, spooky action at a distance, mystical energies, and similar claims are fraud. These things exist in the universe (most of them), but they are not features of any PEMF product.

12 - “100% money-back guarantee!” This typically involves sending a heavy metal box back to Serbia, where you are responsible for all shipping and other expenses and fees. Read the fine print. Caveat Emptor.

13 - Claims that their product cures every disease condition. While this may have a kernel of truth, because PEMF really is amazingly beneficial in many ways that we do not yet understand, these companies should not make these claims because they simply can not prove them.

14 - Does the company have a real scientist that you can talk to? (almost none of them do). Does the company hire a stable of kids or chat-bots to tell you whatever you want to hear just to make a sale? (many of them do). Do they operate off-shore, in lawless areas of global commerce? Almost all PEMF marketers make representations that simply are not true, with no basis in science, on the fringe of the law.

If, at this point, you are thinking “this is all just common sense”, well, yes, I think it is.

I am not asserting that products marketed with one or more of the above fraudulent methods do not work. Many of the products work reasonably well. Most are pirated and/or cheap, out-dated technology. If the integrity of the people selling it to you matters, consider these factors. Their integrity, or lack of it, leaks into their products.

So, lets say you don’t care about marketer integrity, you are just in pain and you need something that works. Well, here are a few things really do not work, so you can steer clear of these pretty easily:

1 - DIY PEMF using a smart-phone

2 - Anything using sine waves below 1000 Hz

The remaining PEMF products are based on different technologies, and many of them do work. Before purchase, I suggest you get:

  • Recommendations from friends and colleagues: have they tried it, does it work?
  • Try before you buy.
  • Is it reasonably priced? Portable or wearable PEMF should be a few hundred dollars at most.

Next question: PEMF + red light? or laser? They can be used together. Many people say their combined use has been very helpful for them. It does not help me much, but I think other people with different injuries may benefit from them when used together.

Teraherz: As I understand it, these were wildly popular in China until a few years ago when they were debunked by popular outrage and subsequently cracked down by the central government. Several of my Chinese business colleagues have told me about this over the past few years. My understanding is that the company has been forced to do a re-brand and then to do business outside of China, so they are looking to North America as their next target market. I have never tested these devices, so I could have an inaccurate impression.


That was an excellent response, Dr. Bob! I really appreciate your summary and think it would indeed make an excellent video. Thank you!

Maybe sharing strategies for how to explore the “best” frequency to use for oneself: what kind of record to keep, how long to try a frequency (hours, days), suggested order to try of frequencies people most commonly respond to, whether to expect a need to change frequency occasionally – that kind of thing?

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excellent, that video will probably be in the form of a directed self-experiment and testing, thanks.

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Exactly what I had in mind :slight_smile:

So, as I am putting together a master list of videos to make, yes it would be helpful if you recap the messages from the forum that you think would be most helpful to make into short videos, thanks!

Ok, I should be able to get to this next week and share.

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super cool and very helpful. I hope to put together a comprehensive list. Thanks for your help.

Is there a video tutorial on using 2X2 coil array? Can two be used with two A9’s?

There’s no tutorial because it is very easy: Just place the 2x2 array over the area where you want to stimulate with PEMF. No secret frequencies or fraudulent nonsense like that, just start with the default settings, which for the A9 are easy: it will be Omni-8 pulse pattern, set intensity to “M” or “H”, use every day for at least 6 to 8 hours. Individuals vary, so keep track of your response, adjust coil array position, record the response, etc. People typically find a setup that works for them within a few days at most.

Yes, you can use as many A9s each with a 2x2 coil as you want. They do not interfere. We know of one person who uses seven A9’s with 2x2 arrays at the same time at locations all over her body, with excellent results.


yikes, wouldn’t 2 c5s be more cost effective with even fewer wires (if you include AC adapters) than using 7 a9s?? :astonished:

She was doing this before I developed the C5. That’s one of the reasons I ended up developing multi-channel devices like the B5 and C5.

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Any data on PEMF for receding gums?

Does PEMF stimulate stem cells in a joint when the coils are on a joint?

How does PEMF heal joints?

How can I use the Micro Pulse M1 for overall health and longevity?

Can you use the M1 for increasing testosterone?

Thanks Bob!

Bob, I meant these for topics for the youtube videos

Sure, thanks, this is a good a place to answer these questions directly. I’ll also make individual videos for YouTube on each of these topics, but this will help me to get started on thinking about them:

Receding gums: No specific data on receding gums, but a lot of anecdotal comments, very often as an afterthought appended to a discussion of something entirely different. Many people (including myself) have noted quick and excellent results for issues around the teeth, gums, and mouth. The general pattern seems to be: do a bit of careful cleaning of the area to help dislodge any irritants, apply ICES-PEMF (usually stacked coils, Omni8 or Alpha Wave, intensity 9 to 11 usually), often applied in the evening or over night, and very often within a few hours there seems to be a noticeable improvement. This seems to be generally true for issues related to teeth and gums. If you try it specifically for receding gums, it would be great to hear about how well it worked.

How does PEMF heal joints: The fundamental action of PEMF appears to be the reduction of pathologic chronic inflammation to enable normal tissue recovery. So, it is better to think of PEMF as something that improves the physiologic conditions to promote normal healing, rather than as an external force that “heals something”. Thinking along these lines, my conceptualization is that healing in joints is facilitated by PEMF by suppressing pathologic inflammation and swelling. This allows normal healing processes to occur. But the “normal” healing rate for joint tissues is extremely slow, so it is not likely that PEMF would drive the healing process quickly in terms of joint healing. PEMF just helps to facilitate what is normally a slow, natural process.

How to use ICES-PEMF for overall health and longevity: My strategy has been to use ICES-PEMF early and often to quickly deal with injuries. One thing is for sure: as we get older, injuries can get progressively worse rather than just getting better as they did when we were younger. So, immediately after an injury or at the first sign of trouble, I use ICES-PEMF to minimize the recovery time and to minimize the initiation and spread of pathologic inflammation. As we get older, it seems apparent that small, non-healing injuries lead to progressively more serious problems when allowed to settle into a chronic state. ICES-PEMF can help prevent this acute-to-chronic transition process, and the subsequent local-to-systemic spread, so that is how I use it. As a result, I have retained (and helped many others to regain and retain) good, pain-free function of the body and limbs, which leads to a more active lifestyle, which leads to much better overall health and longevity.

ICES-PEMF for increasing testosterone: I don’t have any data to suggest that ICES-PEMF directly increases testosterone, but indirectly it can certainly help. Here is how:
By minimizing chronic injury and shortening recovery time from injury, people can be more active and exercise more.
-Weight bearing exercise then becomes a viable option for people who would otherwise avoid it because of the risk (or reality) of injury.
-Weight-bearing exercise is firmly known to improve all aspects of aging and hormone balance.

In summary, it is clear that ICES-PEMF allows many people to engage in a lifestyle that promotes health and longevity.